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Bristol and Liverpool: the Demise and Rise of Rival Ports in the Eighteenth Century Slave Trade.

Bristol and Liverpool: The demise and rise of rival ports in the eighteenth century slave trade. In the early eighteenth century, Bristol’s dominant position as a slave trading port remained virtually unchallenged. Yet, by the end of the century, Liverpool firmly established its status as …

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Atlantic Slave Trade 1500-1800

The Atlantic migration of Europeans and Africans to America and the commercial activities associated with it created an economy that for the first time in history could be called global. For many years, historians have relied upon the word mercantilism to capture this international world. …

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Atlantic Slave Trade

The Atlantic trade, popularly known as the triangular or transatlantic trade, began in the 15th century. It became more popular when a peculiar but well paying commodity replaced gold. (more…)

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Triangular Slave Trade

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade began around the mid-fifteenth century when Portuguese interests in Africa moved away from the fabled deposits of gold to a much more readily available commodity — slaves. By the seventeenth century the trade was in full swing, reaching a peak towards …

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Exploitation in Nigeria

“Nigeria’s oil production reached 2. 1 million barrels per day in 2010. ” Nigeria is currently the sixth largest crude oil producer and it is the top oil producer in Africa. Similar to Bougainville Island, Nigeria is being exploited by many western countries and their …

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The Magna Carta

1. Magna Carta [1215] (52): The Magna Carta was an agreement that insured protection of noble (feudal) liberties from usurpation by the King. The Magna Carta influenced the development of common law (legal precedent), as well as constitutional principles (as seen in the United States …

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West African Slave Trade

The West African Slave Trade was a global event that focused on West Africa. It was the sale and ownership of another human being that was put into slavery. It was a “forced Migration” that lasted 300 years. It was an event that forced 15, …

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Slave Trade

History Hon. Document Based Question Essay For years people have blamed Europeans of the Early Modern Period for slavery, when truly it was not. At the very beginning of it all, lies the African businessman of the Early Modern Period. He just wants to make …

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The Atlantic slave trade, transatlantic slave trade, or Euro-American slave trade involved the transportation by slave traders of various enslaved African people, mainly to the Americas. The slave trade regularly used the triangular trade route and its Middle Passage, and existed from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

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What was the role of slavery in the Atlantic system?
Ship owners considered slaves cargo. The slaves were transported to the Americas in short order to sell their labor to help with the construction industry, cut timber for ships and as house servants.
When was the Atlantic slave trade banned?
The United States banned the transatlantic slave market on January 1, 1808. Nevertheless, some slave labor continued on an unconstitutional basis for the following fifty years.

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