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Should Teenagers Have Intimate Relationships?

Essay Topic:

In teen society, a relationship could seem a bad effect on the people around you.But is that really what a relationship is? Is it really wrong to be involved in a relationship during teenage life? No, I don’t think so, in fact there are more benefits to it.Some people think that if you get into a relationship, it would be extremely dangerous to yourself.

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They think that once you are in love with that person, you tend to give in all your heart and soul into the relationship. And if he/she ever leaves you, you would be in a depressing state or even seek suicide.

However, this is all not true, some early matured teenagers have prepared mentally to protect themselves against sudden break-ups. In fact, some teens with high-level of maturity can be as mature as a 35 year old adult. Furthermore, there are people think that once a teenager gets into a relationship, he/she would neglected his/her friends and family. Also in the process of having a relationship, the boy or girlfriend might be exceptionally possessive and refrain his/her partner from getting close to friends and family.

Though some teens are like the example I have given above, but not all are ungrateful brats to their friends and family, I would say. There are many who managed to bring their spouses out for gathering with their friends or families to get to know each other well. And I will definitely bring my girlfriend out for any kind of events. Apart from that, some people might even say relationship is bad, because of the word sex.

Teens are curious about the bodies of the opposite sex while they are young, especially boys. So people always have this mindset of when teens are having a relationship is always related to sexuality, but that is definitely not true. Some boys are physically needy while girls are emotionally needy. For instance, boys want their spouses to satisfy them in sexual way, asking the girls to complete sexual acts for them, where the female might refuse to, but do it anyway, to prevent the relationship from ending.

And females might want the boys to be always there for them; listening to their complaints, talking to them, spending time understanding her etc. ; which the guys might feel it is a bit unrealistic. Despite that there are many boys that actually does it, there are some boys who is very concerned towards their girlfriends and sensitive to the feelings of their spouses. Also there are males who wouldn’t take sex as the most important phase of relationships.

It is utterly unfair for some of the boys out there. In summary, I am not against on intimate relationship at all. Because age isn’t a barrier to prevent relationship from taking place, what matters most is whether you are emotionally wise to manage your time, your work, and your stress. And whether you are able to control your physical needs till your marriage. I don’t think teens having involved in relationship will do any harm to the society we are living in.

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