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Self Respect

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Self-respect means to have respect yourself. It’s a term that means something different to everyone one. But it’s something everyone wants, not many have, and few want to give out. Self respect is one of the most important values a person can have. To gain respect you have to be confident in yourself. Also you have to have respect for others to fully achieve it. Self respect goes along with self esteem. The way you see yourself means everything in order to build strong character. If you don’t see yourself in a positive light then you don’t really have respect for yourself.

Many people seek attention in negative ways because they have a low self esteem. When people do this they are not respecting themselves and they are allowing people to walk all over them. For instance, girls who have poor self esteem look for attention anyway they can. An example of how they would do this is by sleeping around with numerous guys that shows them the slightest bit of interest. They do this to make them feel loved and wanted but in reality it creates a bad name for them. Inevitably this has a bad effect causing them to feel even worse than before.

So in the end you should always value yourself and be confident about whom you are because that’s what really makes someone have self respect. The way you treat other people is also a way of showing you have self respect. When you show people consideration for their problems and you actually listen to them when they talk your showing them you have respect for them and they will respect you back. This also goes along with not letting people disrespect you. Someone with self respect doesn’t let someone treat them badly and when someone is disrespecting them they do something about it.

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For example, when someone walks all over you and you don’t want to be say something because you don’t want to loose that person your showing a sign of weakness. You should be able to confront that person and tell them how they are treating you bad and if they don’t stop you just wont be around them anymore. When people do this it shows that you have true respect for yourself. In the end its clear that people don’t get far without self respect. Its what builds your character so you have to embody all the attributes that go along with it. You have to have a positive self esteem and you have to be able to have respect for the people around you.

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