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During the early years of my writing, there were several grammatical errors committed on my part. Shameful, really, but I have to admit that I really messed up back then.

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. Obviously I have defied the standards to what is known as the “Illogical Verb Tense Shift” (Fawcett 274 – 278). But nowadays, I no longer commit such mistake. I stand corrected, I know now that when there is a “shift from past to present tense, then is should be corrected and changed into”: “We drove to the waterfalls and Kip dove right in” (Fawcett 274 – 278). In addition to the aforementioned, I have also been confused with the rules of ““Past Participle Error” (Fawcett 122 – 143). I would write, “Please guarantee that the dogs have drank their water…” (Fawcett 122 – 143). It is good that I overcame that already, I know now that “drunk” is the right term (Fawcett 122 – 143). This particular class taught me so many things on grammar. Another rule that I have learned and kept in mind is this: I have the tendency to put a sign that said, “Don’t pick flowers it’s well and should be preserved this way” (Fawcett 182 – 189). Now I know that “there are two independent clauses here but a conjunction or punctuation does not exist making it an error and violating the rule of Run on Sentence or Comma Splice” (Fawcett 182 – 189). And so I have also learned that this is the right statement: “Don’t pick flowers; it’s well and should be preserved this way” (Fawcett 182 – 189). Works Cited Fawcett, Susan. Evergreen: A Guide to Writing With Readings, 7th Edition

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