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Self critque

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The research I used was mostly from personal experience with my daughter's condition as well as information I researched online. I feel Like I used a lot of Information and my classmates got a lot from It also. 2. Organization: I attempted to keep my presentation organized In a way that I could convey my speech both In a emotional and Informative way. I used somewhat of a chronological order when It came to explaining the events In my daughter's life but I do feel that I caked a bit In organization. . Introduction: The attention getter I used was Just me talking about why each one of us was taking the time to talk about something were passionate about and how my choice was a bit different than many others my age. I believe it was effective in setting the tone for the presentation. I did present the main points of speech but it wasn't until after I introduced the subject. 4. Body: I feel I presented the information in a logical way and was able to keep everything together with the thesis.

Since the topic of my speech/presentation was about my daughter, my original fear was to lose track into another subject since I felt I could talk forever about her. I did narrow it down to the main points keeping everything relevant to the thesis. 5. Conclusion: I closed my presentation with the title of my speech which was, "A little light shines a long way". I felt it conveyed an important message of never giving up and persevering in life, which is relatable in many situations to many people.

I ended my speech with short video and my final words to review what was said during the entire speech, so it was clear that my presentation was over. 6. Transitions: I used transitions mostly when I was transitioning between ideas during my speech. I tried to firstly start with the idea of the subject and then introduce It completely. Although I did feel my transitions were a bit rough, it is something I need to work on. 7. Visual Ad: I worked very hard on my visual aid and felt that It helped convey my speech tenfold!

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I think I would use the same method of presenting any other speech because I felt hat using a Powering presentation Is one of the best ways of visually showing your audience what you want to talk about. 8. Telling: When It came to timing, I wanted everything to sound natural and sincere so I TLD want to rush. Having used this method, I believe I went over my time Limit, which will be something I will have to work on. 9. Delivery: Initially I was very nervous, so I started speaking very quickly, but as I progressed along, my speed slowed down because I became comfortable with my audience.

I audience, which in the end helped a lot. 0. Practice: I rehearsed my presentation several times with my family and classmate Carmen. I feel like getting their feedback helped a lot with condensing UN-useful information, as well as adding better and necessary points to my speech that I had not noticed or already had.

Self critque essay

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