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Scientific Management Examples McDonalds’

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McDonalds’ Scientific Management

Company, like McDonalds, has always one purpose – to maximize profits along with the minimization of costs. The major element of the company is the people who are working with – employer and employees. McDonald’s base of the employees to work efficiently, effectively and in timely manner is the “worker stupidity” (Axiom, 2005). One of the problems the company is facing is attitude and nature of the employees towards work - “underworking” and “soldiering” (Axiom, 2005). Generally, in the McDonald Company, underworking and soldiering lowers the production and accompanied by greater costs.

Output of each employee would be lessened along with the delay of a good production. In addition, home and foreign markets is very prone to its instability and competitiveness among rivals which may lead to the total elimination of the business and organization. However, the McDonald implements the Frederick Taylor method of installing managers and task management. This paper will discuss how the company implements the Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management. Discussion Although McDonald achieved the maximum prosperity with maximum revenues and lower production costs, some of the employees are doing the opposite.

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First reason is McDonald’s employees have the mindset: increase in out production would result in job elimination and few employees would be needed (Axiom, 2005). To prevent McDonalds’ employees from this kind of mindset, the company pulverizes individuality by training individually resulting in an efficient workforce. The competition among the employees put down any discrepancies of low pay. For a worker having an appropriate low pay, the company convinces tan employee accept the low wages and benefits because the are always more people who are willing to take it.

Thus, it creates a distorted sense of job security. Second reason is for the defective system of management result in a forced labor to employees which lead to underworking or soldiering. Actually, there’s no question about the tendency of an employee for underworking or soldiering. However, it was prevented thorough managing tasks. The company holds two notions: “people principles” and “social responsibility” (Axiom, 2005). According to the company, the former refers to the relationship between the company or the employer and the employees along with the treatment towards the employees.

In addition, they apply the five basic ideas – “Respect and Recognition, Values and Leadership, Pay, Learning and Developmental Growth, and Resources” (Axiom, 2005). Lastly is the employees’ notion in the inefficient rule of thumb. The rule of thumb is universal among employees where, in practice, workers are inefficient in their undertakings of tasks leading to a waste of large part of their effort. The manager keeps the employees at their tasks by giving orders and enforces task management.

The use of computers, machinery and new innovations significantly reduce the time range of output production and raise the output production leading to the increase of demand and increase of revenues. As a part of its proper management, the company uses specialization or division of labor and the worker. Conclusion The maximum prosperity of McDonalds is not determined solely to the quantity of money received by the company, employees or employer but the development in terms of work efficiency and effectively of all the tasks around the company and every branch of the company.

Management should be handled proficiently and professionally so that prosperity would be permanent. For an employee, higher wages is not the sole determiner of his maximum prosperity but his development to his state of maximum efficiency and proficiently. Reference


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Scientific Management Examples McDonalds’ essay

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