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Safety on Public Transportation

One of the major features of any developed society is mass mobility.In order for man to fulfill his obligation put food on his table, man has to move around.Thus mobility is an essential aspect of human life.

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Man has to move from one destination to another. Elementary Science has described this as a natural feature of human beings. Over the years, the growth of technology as made for variables when it comes to human transportation. One of such means of transportation is public transportation.

Although transportation is a necessity to most people in America, it will be alarming to note that Americans spend more trying to meet up with their daily needs. Compared to other countries in the world, an average American spends more to move around. As part of the government’s efforts to ensure a better standard of living for the citizen, the public transport system is an initiative of the government tailored towards reduction of the price incurred on transportation by Americans.

Therefore, Americans now have a choice which provides a greater freedom. However, as commendable as this initiative is, Public Transportation has its good and bad sides. There are some dangers that one is open to when one takes a public transport. To begin with, the security and privacy one enjoys when one is moving around in one’s private car is better than when we are moving around in public transport. Statistics have shown that people moving around in public transportation are susceptible to insecurity than those transporting privately.

On the issue of crime in public transportation, the police department and other organizations have given tips on how to avoid crime in public transportation. For all I care, the next person to you might be a serial killer or the lousy old woman might actually be planning to steal your wallet. At this point, one will be unfair not to admit that public transportation has had a lot of positive impact on the pockets of Americans.

With the insistent rise in the prices of gasoline in America, public transportation has being a good alternative for the people of America. At least it has helped save more money that should have been used in the purchase of gasoline. It is also effective and reliable. The next time you are about to meet an appointment and you want to go by public transportation, make sure you have it at the back of your mind that although some dollars will be saved, there is the risk of falling a victim. Therefore, be vigilant and alert!

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