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Methods of Transportation

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Roads are expensive pieces of infrastructure. While airlines has lowered the cost in their tickets and rented cars are cheaper. It is still more expensive than taking the bus to travel outside the city. The perks for taking the bus is convenience. You wont have to worry about driving for long periods of time. For instance, GO transit operates with fares that go from $6 to $10 dollars if you are going outside Toronto. Depending where you are going you might get a day-pass for just $12.

All in all is the cheapest way to travel. Rail travel is one the most and green ways to get outside Toronto. Trains allow you to travel in safety and comfort. They pollute less and you won't have to worry about weather conditions. While sometimes they could be more expensive than taking the bus, it is an option to consider if the price for your destination it is the same. For example, GO transit offers really good prices. If you go to Saukville the price would be the same as taking the bus.

The only real difference are the advantages of the train such as comfort, fatty, practical and environmental friendly. While renting a car to travel outside the city might be the most expensive way there is one thing people love about the idea, freedom. One thing to keep in mind is that renting a car give you the possibility to move around once you get to your destination. For instance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car gives you the option during the winter season to rent a car as low as $9. 99 per day from Friday to Monday.

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Methods of Transportation

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This is a option to consider if you plan to stay a few days out of town. While traveling by train or bus might be cheaper at end could be more expensive since you will have to spend money at the local transit. Renting a car might seems its disadvantages. The price compared to taking the bus or train. Drive for long periods of time. And you might have to pay for parking. But if think about it the option of going anywhere at anytime and you won't have access to local transit, renting a car is not as bad as it seems.

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