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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Injustice)

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We learn more about “injustice” as we read through Mildred D. Taylor’s novel: Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry. This story reflects on an African American family facing dark and difficult times in Mississippi. Throughout the story, Mildred D. Taylor symbolizes hope and bravery for oneself when facing inequality. In the novel, the author emphasizes injustice throughout problematic stages in Mississippi.

Through characters such as Cassie, Little Man and T. J, the author uses several language techniques: sensory imagery, figurative language and flashbacks, allowing the readers to reveal the theme, “injustice. ” Cassie, the protagonist of the story is described as a tough, intelligent and courageous character, who will always stand up for herself and looks after her siblings and friends through all the ups and downs they face.

Cassie first demonstrates her boldness as she protects her youngest brother, Little Man. She stands up for him in front of a teacher, despite knowing that she will face consequences. “Miz Crocker, don’t please! ” This quote conveys how scared Cassie and her love towards her brother. Cassie also displays courageousness as she faces injustice at the Wallace’s store, where she is insulted and humiliated for no proper reason. “Who’s little nigger is this! Mildred D. Taylor uses short sentences and strong words to get straight to the point and speed up the suspense. Cassie demonstrates her intelligence through a ruse she had planned with her Uncle Hammer. She tries to seek revenge from a white, schoolgirl by pretending to be her friend, but afterwards she would teach her a lesson. “I yanked unmercifully on her long, loose hair. ” The author uses sensory imagery to emphasize her Cassie’s violent act.

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