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Role of Leadership in Advanced Practice in Nursing

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Contained herein is an analysis of role of leadership in advanced practice in learning. This is in understanding that lack of leadership in highly specialised nursing situation is mots likely to lead to ineffective provision of services to patients.

According to Sofarelli (2005) advanced practice in nursing has the trend of incorporating individuals with deep understanding of all or specific areas of nursing practice. These individuals end up being relied upon in their respective stations to help deliver high quality healthcare services to patients.  These practitioners are further tasked with the responsibility of developing strategies to be applied in the future.

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However, their capacity to deliver is in most cases affected by lack of proper leadership skills. This analysis will therefore highlight three of the most common nursing leadership theories that could aid in helping professionals in advanced practice to effectively lead respective departments of institutions to better positions of meeting patient needs.

Having professionals incorporate these theories in their day-to-day activities places them in positions of passing similar knowledge to followers, especially the new ones in nursing profession. In other words, the process of using leadership skills effectively ends up improving professionalism.

The three nursing leadership to be discussed in this analysis includes: leader-follower, quantum, and transformational—each would be discussed independently. The theories are being included herein because of their proven effectiveness in achieving results. According to Porter (2007) the use of nursing theories reminds professionals about the best practices when carrying diverse activities. Individuals choose the theory to choose or even combine several approaches into hybrid leadership skills.

In addition, professionals could embark on developing ways and means of having own leadership styles that do not fit with the theories discussed in this paper. The hybrid system could be achieved intentionally by individuals or institutions; it could also be as a result of lack of proper knowledge of the theories. Results could, however, differ depending on the ability of using best practices in theory applications.

Quantum leadership theory is mostly used in decision making processes and states that professionals need to look for own problem solving processes before seeking help from colleagues or seniors in respective work environment (Perra, 2001).

In other words, the theory tends to initiate leadership in individual professionals, especially those in advanced practice. Fact that these individuals are usually tasked with the responsibility of leading others in various work situations means that they would have to solve problems in collaboration with the followers instead of running to respective superiors for help.

Senior professionals in respective departments of institutions can therefore concentrate on other issues as nurses solve problems independently. The senior management in healthcare institutions could, for instance, concentrate on more important issues such as strategy development and implementation (Kitson, 2001).


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Role of Leadership in Advanced Practice in Nursing essay

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Why is it important for advanced practice nurses to describe leadership?

The ability to recognize and then describe their leadership will enable advanced practice nurses to clearly articulate their leadership to decision‐makers, other healthcare professionals and the public. This may enhance understanding of the APN role and contribute to optimization of APN leadership capabilities.

What is patient‐focused leadership in advanced practice nursing?

In this study, two overarching themes describing APN leadership were identified: “patient‐focused leadership” and “organization and system‐focused leadership”. Patient‐focused leadership as described by advanced practice nurses includes capabilities that are intended to have a direct impact on patients and families.

What is the model of advanced practice nursing?

The model creates a language and a road map from which advanced practice nurses and others can begin to articulate their leadership roles. Nurses in advanced practice roles must be able to clearly articulate their roles to operationalize the full range of their capabilities (Calkin, 1984; Jones Charbachi, Williams, & McCormack, 2012).

What do we mean by leadership skills in nursing?

The leadership skills of Registered Nurses working in non‐advanced practice roles (such as staff nurses) are often defined as the “staff nurse behaviours that provide direction and support to clients and the healthcare team in the delivery of patient care” (Patrick, Spence Lanchinger, Wong, & Finegan, 2011; pg 450).

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