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Robots in Society

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Robots in Society Some argue that the increasing use of robots might be dangerous for us. Today robots play an efficient and useful role in our society. We use robots every day. For example, phones, calculators, microwaves, printers, and computers. I agree with the claim that robots can be harmful to us. Robots may be a convenient and helpful way to perform everyday functions, but they can also have a negative impact on our lives. The use of robots will make us indolent, go against our morals and lose control.

Although robots can be harmful to us they would be helpful to us in the colonization of Mars. What is a robot exactly? A robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. So how can this machine be harmful to us? Robots take away our responsibility. We will rely solely on a device to do everything for us, and lose our capability to do things on our own. We lose control. There will be no need for people to socialize as robots will go run errands, and function as eyes and ears; for example a cellphone.

There will be no need for us to do anything if we continue to make new robots with new functions and keep using them. There are also some ethical issues with using robots. Robots take away work from humans. Robots don’t have emotion feelings, and thoughts like humans do. They are incapable of making the right decisions. They will do exactly what they are programed to do no matter what it requires, which can be good and bad. The argument that robot workers take jobs from human workers is true.

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It is also true that these jobs are generally repetitive jobs, are often hazardous to human workers. From “Robot Code of Ethics to Prevent Android Abuse, Protect Humans” By Stefan Lovgren for National Geographic News , in his article he quotes , "From experience, the problem is that giving robots morals is like teaching an ant to yodel. We're not there yet, and as many of Asimov's stories show, the conundrums robots and humans would face would result in more tragedy than utility," said Tilden, who works for Wow Wee Toys in Hong Kong. What dangers might robots pose to humans?

The argument that robot workers take jobs from human workers is true. It is also true that these jobs are generally repetitive jobs, are often hazardous to human workers. Robots will take away many jobs from humans. Robots will be more efficient, hardworking, and they don’t require a salary. Taking away jobs from humans will increase poverty. People will abuse the power of robots. Robots may seem useful but they will ultimately make society worse. Humans will become indolent because they won’t have to work and carry out daily routines anymore.

Although robots could possibly have a negative impact on our lives, they could also be beneficial to us if we are to colonize Mars. Technology on Mars would be essential to our survival considering the conditions. Robots would help us to calculate the types of buildings we would need to build, what our diets would consist of, and climate control. Robots in the modern day society could tear us apart from our ethics and work. They can be helpful when used correctly and appropriately. The increase of robots will most likely do more harm than good to today’s society, and will result in a negative impact to our lives.

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