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The Relationship Between Team Working and Motivation

In order to find out the relationship between “Team working” and “Motivation”, understanding each of them might be necessarily important.To begin with, “Team working” in business term means a groups of individual pulling together function as a team in order to archive goals or targets that them planed at the beginning.In a team-oriented environment, usually have different people & personality.

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which means there are opinion toward different direction, disputes will be appear most of the time, turning those different angle point of view into meaningful solution is a major part for a successful team.

After that, move along to “Motivation”, it is the driving force by which we accomplish our aim, it doesn’t necessarily be a team and as each individual got different needs, related to “Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs”. “Motivation” is divide to be intrinsic and extrinsic, the basic concept is refers to “Motivation” that is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself or comes from outside of the individual such as money.

Nowadays, most of the firms in all kind of industrial workplace request to building the team, working as a team, “Team building skills” are critical for effectiveness as a manager or entrepreneur, and because it could lead to productivity, therefore, “Motivation” skills has to apply to those day to day teams, intrinsically by given positive satisfaction, arising from intrinsic conditions of the job itself, such as recognition, achievement, or personal growth; extrinsic to the work itself, and include aspects such as company policies, supervisory practices or wages.

For example, In a clothing buying office, the manager would give those more important brands to the most productive team of merchandisers, not just to making sure the productivity, also making employee feel prod of their own jobs. This is called goal setting, In a company should always more than one team but only one product or project make the highest profit, therefore healthy competition will developed, base on theory y, subordinate will find it became more challenging, every team member aiming at the same achievement, less disputes and more recognition and responsibility should appear.

Further more, rewards system in “Motivation” should be positive to apply into business in order to reinforce behavior, not just actual salary, it could be commission or holiday trip, by sharing the company’s profit to the employee can also boost their “Motivation”. If the company are dealing with theory x of people at work, reward system might not be very effective to them, in this case the threat of punishment must exist, because in a team-oriented environment, if one of the team member is avoiding work, it could pull down the entire team, which means decrease the productivity and cutting off profits.

To conclude with, it can be seen that “Team working” and “Motivation” are likely to be in a complementary relationship; the “Team working”’s effectiveness rely on “Motivation”. It could also lead to psychological contracts, as its always between manger and subordinate, the concept of ego and expectation of other’s are both significant to both “Team working” and “Motivation”. Leader has to understand what are they capable with; Team members has to understand why the team create for, in an other word the expectation has to be clear and communicate its expectation might considerable as well.

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