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Red Robin Restaurant Evaluation

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Red Robin Restaurant Evaluation DeVry University Red Robin Restaurant Evaluation The theme for all Red Robin restaurants is “Red Robin…. Yum! ” When thinking about this statement you really have to think about all that encompasses. What makes the food so good? Does the atmosphere make the yum factor even better? What about the staff how do they contribute to the yum factor of the food? For this evaluation I would like to explore this yum factor and truly understand what makes the Red Robin chain of restaurants stick with yum as a marketing tool to entice customers to come in.

Firstly we will explore the atmosphere of the Red Robin restaurants and how the atmosphere adds to the yum factor. When you first walk into a Red Robin restaurant you are greeted by a friendly hostess who joyfully takes you and your party to your table. Once you are seated your server comes over to greet you and take your drink order. This is great for the yum factor because no one like to eat food in the mist of negativity, when you are in a place where the atmosphere is negative it just makes your whole entire experience bad.

The one down side to this is that at times if you have children, you are still in the process of settling in; you are not quite ready for your server to come by and take your drink order because you have not even looked at the menu. Secondly we must discuss the staff and how they add to the yum factor for Red Robin restaurants. The staff at Red Robin is for about 95% of the time the friendliest and warm restaurant staff you will encounter. The staffs at Red Robin restaurants are very accommodating for anyone who needs to place a special order.

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They are also good about getting food to children first, especially if it is later in the evening and they are hungry. This ability to get what I desire to eat the way that I desire it without having to be reprimanded for substituting this for that or adding this or that, makes the yum factor so much better because it is truly what I want. However, the one con that I have seen of the Red Robin staff is that, they are not prepared for last minute large parties.

There have been times when a group of friends have decided to just go and have a great time eating together, the staff takes about thirty minutes to get their selves together to be able to accommodate the crew. Lastly, we must discuss what makes the food so good and how it makes the yum factor. The food at Red Robin consists of burgers, French fries, select chicken products, salads and sandwich wraps. The burgers are considered gourmet because they have more than just your typical bacon, cheese, ketchup and mustard.

The food theme for Red Robin is classic comfort with a twist of class to heighten your taste buds. On the other hand when it comes to the food some may find that the classiness of some of the items is too much for them. Some people just want a simple cheeseburger with no muss or fuss, and with all the gourmet burgers this may be a turnoff to those people. The uniqueness of the food is what gives Red Robin the yum factor, the food is comforting and the flavors are bold.

In conclusion you can clearly understand how the staff, atmosphere and food at Red Robin restaurants live up you their motto “Red Robin…Yum! ” When you have a great atmosphere, great staff, and food that delivers’ on the taste, you have a great recipe for the yum factor. When you are choosing a place to eat you want to choose a place where you have the full yum factor effect. Some restaurants may just have one or two elements of the yum factor, but if you are looking for a place with all three yum factors, then Red Robin is the restaurant for you.

Red Robin Restaurant Evaluation essay

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