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Quick Money

Over the weekend Lucy organized a sleep over for a friend who was interested in making some quick money. Rob tried to molest her. Lucy’s friend resisted, and that is how the scuffle began. Karen; Lucy’s friend had known what she had come but needed a little persuasion as she had never that kind of stuff and she desperately needed money to bail her boyfriend out of prison. Lucy nudged her and later went to call dad who was waiting impatiently in the sitting room downstairs.

The action used to happen in Lucy room. Dad staggered into the room, grabbed Karen by the neck and pinned her down to the bed.

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He a little bit violent when drunk. Karen let out a sharp shrill and gathered enough adrenaline to push dad who had already tore her red velvet dress apart and was mounting her.She succeeded but lost her step and fell on her belly two steps from the leg of the bed. With hawk instincts Rob rose and grabbed her by the ankle.

Rob pulled her back towards him and she reacted by kicking him thrice in his face, a matter that escalated the tension and made Rob become more rabid as he started nose bleeding. He was now on his feet and his sinister motive was written all over his face as his boner had receded. A panic struck Karen leaped out of the room and tried to shut the door behind her but Rob’s hand was already on her left arm. Karen jerked from the tight grip and hit her back on the rails of the first floor, she lost balance and landed on the ground head first.

By then Lucy was just stepping back into the house. I called for the ambulance immediately but the time it got to the house she had already passed out and was pronounced dead upon arrival in the hospital.


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