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Questions on International Marketing

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1. What are the important issues that need to be addressed when conducting marketing research in a foreign country? Cultural differences, racial differences, climatic differences, economic differences, religious differences, historical differences, language differences, differences in actual and potential target groups. 2. What are the factors that add to the complexity of international marketing research? Ethnocentrism, polycentrism, regiocentrism, geocentrism. 3. What are the steps to be taken in coordinating international research? Identifying and defining your problem

Developing your approach Establishing research design and strategy Collecting the data Performing data analysis Reporting and presentation 4. What are some ethical problems that marketing researchers face in designing and conducting field studies in different countries? Some questions can be very strong or offensives to some culture, but this same questions can be very normal to another culture, so people who are thinking in doing a international marketing research should be very careful in how they structure the questions because everything depends in the culture. . Peter Philips, an engineering student, has designed an innovative piece of equipment to help the physically disabled to communicate. The equipment incorporates a system of electronic signals emitted with a slight turn of the head. This product is currently a success in the United States among health-care organizations. Peter wants to market this product in different countries. Acting as Mr. Phillips’ marketing/international business consultant, suggest a course of action to help Peter bring this product to the international market. This is an extra question which will have more weight than the other questions) Well, first of all peter has to choose which market he is going to hit, I mean in which country he would like to sell his product. Then he would have to make an international marketing research in which this investigation clearly helps him to know if this country it’s interested in this product, because a lot of people might not be interested in this product or they don’t know this new product.

The research need to give very important information about how the economy is going in that country, I mean this product can be in the profit range for American people but a some other people in other country can’t afford such an expensive equipment, so it might be very risk to enter to that new market. Besides this here comes the legal and policies barriers in which he have to know how to negotiate all this barriers. So it is very important before introducing a new product to a country to make an marketing research so you can know and measure the risk that it would take to introduce your new product another country.

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