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Informative Essay on Prostitution Essay

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Jessica Beltran Ms. Overbey English 10A 9 November 2011 “CAPTIAN SAVE A PROSTITUTE! ” When talking of the legalization of prostitution, ,any say that it should be banned from America completely. But in my opinion, Prostitution should be legalized in all 50 states of the U. S. this being illegal is discriminating against Americans rights, and wants as what they choose as heir profession. The government should allow regulated prostitution. Stating that prostitution is “wrong”, and that anyone who chooses their occupation as a sex worker should be thrown in jail as if they are criminals is absurd.

This being illegal is taking Americans from their freedom of choice. If the government makes prostitution legal it gives them a chance to regulate the job. According to http://www. bayswan. org/stats. html, 35%- 40% of sexually transmitted diseases in the country come from prostitution. By making wear condom, will prevent diseases from spreading throughout civilization. And also, the government can be sure that it will only be people of ages 18 and over choosing this occupation. Putting prostitutes in the same category as the thieves, murderers, and menaces is ridiculous.

Also, prostitution is a normal everyday job just like any other. Having sexual contact with another person for money and pay bills like another person. Most Americans need another alternative occupation to survive, and prostitution is just another option to anyone open to the idea. If you refer to http://www. aflcio. org/issues/jobseconomy/, when talking of America’s horrible economy, Since 2001, the nation has lost more than 2. 5 million manufacturing jobs and more than 850,000 professional service and information sector jobs.

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Informative Essay on Prostitution Essay

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No one knows for sure how many of these jobs have been lost due to increased import competition and shifts in production abroad. We humans are in need of more jobs. The American Civil Liberties (ACLU) wrote…” whether a person choose to engage in sexual activity for purpose of recreation or in exchange for something of value, is a matter of individual choice, not for governmental inference. ” Making prostitution legal is another way to give people who have no other choices to make something of their selves.

Making citizen against prostitution might say it violates the right to liberty and security, and the prohibition to slavery. And that it is also degrading to one’s body. But if it is decided to legalize this profession to employ prostitutes who are over the age of consent, doing the work voluntarily will remove the issue of Americans being forces into work. Lastly, why is it that it is illegal to pay a prostitute for sex, but not legal for a film director to pay two people to have sex in front of a camera and then make money for the product?

California Supreme Court noted that in order for there to be ‘pondering’, there must be ‘prostitution’. Prostitution is defined as- any lewd act between persons for money or other consideration. Since the performers engaged in sexual acts before the movie camera for money, what they are doing is prostitution. If pornography is legal than prostitution should be as well. It is only right to make prostitution legal in America to let people choose a job they enjoy, and they shouldn’t be judged by it. No person’s human rights should be violated on the basis of their trade, occupation, work, calling, or profession.

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