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The points of view of the segments are that the Bola virus has become an epidemic in the world and everyone should be alert as to the symptoms to prevent them from getting sick. The man who traveled from Africa to the United States with the virus was said to be traveling for many different reasons. At first all stations seemed to be In sync with not knowing the truths as to the reasons for his travels. One of the first assumptions was that he traveled here to get medical attention to help him be cured of the virus.

The programs mention this because there was a recent case of an American man who name from Africa after helping treat the African people with the virus and found out that he contracted it himself. After being quarantined in a hospital he was cured with an experimental drug. They felt he traveled here to get the same treatment. This raised a lot of question for people and the broadcast stations that reported on this subject. I believe the reports are objective for a couple of reasons.

As humans we are afraid of certain things and when those who usually have the ability to be persuasive for many reasons are scared they tend to want to be more objective that subjective o that they will be able to benefit for themselves as well as those who matter most to them, this in return allows others to be informed as well. This is demonstrated through the information provided is more based on fact rather than make up stories to benefit them as a station or a group.

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The reports from the stations can also be subjective In ways that they assumed the reason for the man's travels and made conclusions off of Information that has not been proved to be fact. This could have been used to gain ratings by coming up with an outrageous reason for his travels. The information that was included that shouldn't have been included is that the stations report that the people that have contracted the virus here in the United States now makes it an epidemic.

In reality there is no epidemic here In the United States because there Is no mass outbreak of the virus to a lot of people. This shouldn't have been Included because It gives people the false sense that there Is a problem with the virus here in America and people have begun to make their own assumptions as to the issue and make precautions that may not be necessary at this mime. I do not think there was any information that was not included, but it seems as if information takes time to get around on the issue.

When it was found out that the two nurses had the virus one nurse was able to travel causing other people to possibly be exposed to the virus. With the Issue at hand there are various social who are from America felt the man who traveled from Africa should have been allowed to die. People are not saying this to be meant and inhumane but for reasons of preventing an epidemic here in the United States.

For example if the man who name here was treated and survived the virus while thousands are dying in Africa, then that news will spread and people of Africa who have contracted the virus will try to make their way to America in an effort to find a cure. On the other hand people feel like the man should have survived because we were able to treat and cure all American people who contracted the virus, but one man from Africa we could not treat and feel like the man was allowed to die. This cause caused people to feel like the people in charge of the cure or effort to treat people are monsters.

Also there are people who want to restrict travel from Africa to the United States not allowing to travel to America from the area's most affected by the virus. At first nothing was done but after a while of concerned people pressuring the President for answers and results there was a plan to scan people at airports for signs of the virus. The news reports reported on this new plan to help prevent cases from entering America, and allowed people to feel relief but it was short lived.

Not long after the reports of the plan to scan people at airports, it has been also reported that signs of the virus are to easily detected at first and people can easily pass the scans and end up showing signs of the virus after they left the airport. This cause the concerns to go back up in America and people are now scared again. Most recently the new process is to also immediately quarantined people who come to America from Africa to ensure that that do not have the virus before allowing them to return to public.

This has caused another issue as reports of a woman refusing to be quarantined and planned to sue because she is being kept away from her family, Job, and home. People say that it's or the protection of the country while she feels like she is being imprisoned Just because she traveled to Africa and being treated like someone with a disease. This has caused people to develop their own feelings about the situation but most agree that she should be kept in so that if she possibly did contract the virus in Africa she would not spread it to others she came in contact with.

With everything that has been reported and said on the different cases of Bola here in the United States I feel that the majority of the segments are taken with face value with little nationalization for entertainment. With the issue being real and people truly concerned about what can possibly happen is there is an outbreak here in the United States, I feel the majority of the reports are for real information purposes to allow the public to know what's going on in America and how it relates to the people of the country and id the virus is a true concern here.

I also feel that there is some entertainment factor here has some shows have begun to make Jokes as to how people can contract the virus and it is completely a Joke. I also hear on the radio that radio personalities are using the situation to get the opinion of the public and allow their voice to be heard on the different situations surround the virus and people coming from Africa to return home, go to college, and other reasons for coming to the Unites States.

In conclusion with so many different stories to follow in news programs there are some that catch your attention for reasons beyond entertainment. I feel like the reporting on the Bola virus are one of the reports in which you want to be he situation is very serious and a huge concern there are still people here that can make a Joke about the situation.

Some people may find it funny while some may not and take offense to the things that can be said and done on the television and radio. In the end it is up to us as an individual to decide whether we will pay attention to what's going on and what's being or ignore it. Some ignore it because they know it is not a real issue at this point and will continue to until it becomes a real issue here in America. Till them we will not see people walking around in gloves and masks.

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