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Political Culture and Decision-Making Process Theories

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One of the modern theories on political culture is related to the writings of Francis Fukuyama. The question is that: what are the major factors leading to the “end of history” according to Fukuyama? There are two major factors that may lead to the end of history as explained by Fukuyama and these are legacy of history and habits of trust. Fukuyama wrote that history cannot continue within history itself (Talbot, 2009, p. 1).

Fukuyama stressed out in his work “End of History” that America is a rich and powerful country yet stained with enormous inequality (Talbot, 2009, p. 1). He also gave a bold approval that back poverty is an onslaught to a past history of racism and slavery. Hence, massive inequality today is a result of historical odds and ends. Fukuyama simply explained that present poverty problems and even recession is due to past legacy on discrimination. Fukuyama also believed that when ideas become property of the masses, then it could make people die for it.

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Political Culture and Decision-Making Process Theories

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The ideology or ideas held by some people as important could be a material force that would move them to alter their lives and the lives of others. Fukuyama gave an example relating the 1981 Hunger Strike in north East Ireland (Talbot, 2009, p. 1). The end of history then begins in the proliferation of ideas shared by men in their social undertakings. The ultimate idea of Fukuyama is that the establishment of democratic capitalism constitutes the last form of human government (Gray, 2008, p.

1). Another reason for the end of history is the habits of trust. A person may adhere to the value of trust in another country of which he migrated and adopt the change of his own culture. The differences of trust values between races result to different business leadership and success. That is why there are countries like the United States of America that developed large-scale business endeavors due to its culture of trust with people who does not belong to their own family.

Therefore, historical legacies like racism and slavery and as well as habits of trust are the major factors that may lead to the end of history. References Gray, J. Prospect Magazine Online Subscription. 2008. Fukuyama: the end of history man. Retrieved March 25, 2009, from http://www. prospect-magazine. co. uk /article_details. php? id=4944. Talbot, T. Free Space Virgin Network. 2009. Francis Fukuyama and the End of History. Retrieved March 25, 2009, from http://freespace. virgin. net/pep. talk/FUKUYAMA .htm.

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