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Practical Project Management

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There are many websites that allow people to create their own wikis, share information, projects, facts, statistics, and opinions. This helps all the users in a way that they get to share information that they have or want to have, gain more insight over a particular topic, collaborate with customers, remain in contact with each other, enjoy social networking, and find solutions that they seek.

The paper would discuss an in-depth review of wiki website called ‘Wrike’, where several aspects such as, layout, color usage, and target market of it would be elaborated. The name of this wiki website is ‘Wrike’ that has a tagline of ‘Practical Project Management’. The structure of this website is quite attractive that allows proper categorization of the offerings the company has to offer.

The purpose of this website is to allow its users to experience effective project management where its features include: easily managing more than 50 projects in a single workspace, have access to email, encourage collaboration with teams or colleagues, save precious time of managers to a great extent, and increase team productivity. What happens is that people can manage and share their work with each other that supports email communication among them; moreover, current status of the business can be identified and communicated to the employees.

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Practical Project Management

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The overall look of Wrike is catchy and enticing since the layout is organized and does not make the viewers feel overwhelmed with information clutter. Moreover, the use of green color in the top half of the website looks soothing and brings viewers’ interest along with the screenshot of the Workspace account that users get. The target audience of this website includes the organizations or businesses that are engaged with the process of developing, sharing, updating, and effective utilization of information on daily basis.

Several companies (customers) of this wiki software are mentioned in the bottom half of the website along with their remarks for this facility. I find quite a few things useful about this wiki such as, it allows the users to save their time by easily collaborating with each other, communicating the updates or tasks they are up to, sharing their work or projects with each other that can be used by others without making them waste time on developing that particular project.

Furthermore, the efficiency and productivity for an organization increase and keeps them competitive in their respective industry. I chose this wiki because it is user friendly, ensures effective usage, and a number of benefits. I would use it to add my colleagues and friends, remain linked with them via email, create documents, edit and share them, comment on the projects, import and export MD documents, compare them, and use them.

Another thing that I liked about this tool is that its workspace is user-friendly and organized where users can sort, activate, and deactivate the projects they want to. In short, the bottom-line evaluation of value of this wiki is that it is complete organization software where communication and collaboration remains at its best, and providing a lucrative and comfortable experience to the users. There are several other websites that offer the same services such as, PBWorks, where collaboration, social intranet, and project management are the key services provided.

Therefore, this is related to the learning objective of this module in a way that it allows effective communication, sharing, collaboration, and efficiency for the uses.


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