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Possible barriers and implementation challenges

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The needs and wants of the customers worldwide are changing. McDonalds cannot turn a deaf ear to the demands of the changing environment. McDonald’s should be able to stand up to the challenges that its competitors as well as critics pose. It should be able to meet the changing needs and wants of its loyal customers. McDonald’s may retain its vision but it should be able to find innovative ways to bring back its days of glory. McDonald’s should continue to introduce innovations taking into consideration the real needs of its customers as well as the benefits that they would get from their McDonald’s experience.

This is easier said than done of course. There are a few challenges that McDonald’s should overcome to implement its new strategies. First, implementing new strategies means large amount of investment on the part of McDonalds. R&D and advertising will eat up large share of financial requirements from the company. If McDonald’s will be serious in changing and altering its image, it should be prepared to expend its available resources to achieve this goal.

Aside from R&D and advertising, it may also involve various kinds of advocacies including donations and sponsorships to local important events. Another possible barrier and challenge is the critique it will get from the global watchdogs. They may pose a threat to the implementation of new strategies since they may contradict the building and creation of positive image for McDonald’s. Finally, localizing efforts of McDonald’s store may pose a great challenge to its vision of maintaining quality, service, cleanliness, and value.

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Possible barriers and implementation challenges

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Localization means each executive of the region have the right to call the shots for major changes. This may mean sacrificing the original vision of McDonald’s.

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