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Position Paper Ap Government

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I believe that Barack Obama is the most qualified candidate to run for the president of the United Sates of America. I believe that his plan of moving forward will indeed move us forward. Obama has interesting views that I agree with, and you should consider them, as did I. The first issue is innovation, more jobs and reviving manufacturing and the auto industry. Since Obama became president both manufacturing and the auto industry have had a total of 1. 5 million new jobs.

The second issue is taxes. Taxes are necessary, but no one wants them. Obama plans to cut taxes for every American worker and provide small tax cuts for small businesses. He is also asking the overly wealthy Americans to pay a little bit more in order to pay away our debt. A third issue is to end the war, and bring back our troops from Afghanistan. Obama plans to end the war by 2014 and use half the money that would be spent on the war, and use it for roads, bridges, runways and schools and the other half on paying the deficit.

The next issue is energy, which is a big issue now that fossil fuels are running low. Obama plans to put aside oil companies and start investing in cleaner sources, to become a global leader in clean energy. Obama plans to protect our climate by taking steps into cleaner energy including oil, gas, clean coal, wind, solar, biofuels, and nuclear energy. Also creating jobs and businesses, while improving the environment and national security. With schools advancing and new knowledge being obtained, Obama plans to make college more affordable.

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He plans on doing this by cutting the tuition fee in half. He also plans to establish a college tax credit for the students and families worth up to 10,000 dollars over for years of college. He also plans to enforce the state and local government to improve the quality of teachers, while giving the local and state governments resources to reward and attract better teachers. Obama also plans to recruit 100,000 math and science teachers so we can out-compete countries in fields like science, technology, engineering, and math. Lastly, Obamas health care plan strengthens

Medicare for the seniors, and it helps young people get the health insurance they need. The Affordable Care Act is helping people with Medicare save on the care they need to stay healthy. Obama plans to lower the costs on prescription drugs, and monthly premiums. Obama is also putting an end to health insurance company’s charging women more than men for the same coverage.


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