Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

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Did you know that musicians have better hearing than people who don't play an instrument at all? Scientists have done research to prove that this statement is a fact. This is more than just being able to pick out a drum beat from the background of a song, like many people can. Musicians hear better overall. The reasons for this are not fully understood, but some people have some pretty good ideas as to why musicians develop better hearing. Musicians can hear better than non-musicians. Hearing depends on microscopically small hairs deep inside of the ear. If the hairs in the ear are gone, so is the person's hearing.

People never stop hearing. Even while sleeping the brain just ignores all sound, not letting the person hear what is actually going on around them. This is in fact the same for musicians too., Iit is just something the body does, and playing an instrument or not does not affect this part of the hearing process. Musicians hear better in ways, like being able to hear from further away, and they are better at remembering sounds.  This likely happens because musicians improve due to auditory attention and memory.  Hearing changes due to the experiences the person has had in their life.

Musicians can hear better because a lot of experiences they've had are related to sound. These experiences would be the music they are playing, composing, or listening to. These claims may seem a little confusing, since some people believe that loud music or sounds are related to hearing loss, but these facts are scientifically proven. The differences between musicians hearing and non-musicians hearing is more to do with memory than anything else. This is surprising because better hearing is usually equated with hearing quieter sounds, or the ability to hear from further away. The scientist who found that musicians hear better and remember sounds better than people who don't play instruments is Nina Kraus.

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Thanks to her we have this information which could help people who are concerned about losing their hearing with old age. Nina Kraus says that playing an instrument, no matter how good someone is at playing, could improve hearing. This could happen at any point in life, although children who play instruments at a young age seem to have better hearing than people who start playing later in life.

Musicians have better hearing than people who do not play an instrument. This happens because hearing changes due to the experiences the person has had in their life.  This also happens because musicians improve due to auditory attention and memory. If a 20 year old started playing an instrument, that person's hearing could improve, and stay that way through old age. Composing, playing, and listening to music are all important factors to better hearing and/or memory.

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