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Competency Goal 1: To establish and maintain a safe, healthy, learning environment Functional Area 1: Safe One of my goals is to promote safety and reduce all injuries in a preschool setting all day and every day. This is an important goal for the age group of children in my care because children aren’t aware of all the various types of things there are that might harm them. So childproofing something I do to promote safety for the children in my center.

Another big safety precaution I follow is the never turn my back on children policy because if I am aware of what the children are doing more than likely no one will get hurt. Another safety precaution I take is to remind children to use walking feet, nice hands, listening ears, and indoor voices. These safety precautions will eliminate problems because if the children in a center listen and follow those simple rules things in the center will run smoothly. Separating different age groups will also help prevent safety issues within a center.

To secure the safety of the classroom it is locked from the inside . I am OSHA certified CPR and have Pediatric First Aid training to allow me to make good decisions in emergency situations. Our center practices safety drills regularly to familiarize the children with the routine. Functional Area 2: Healthy One of main goals in the functional area healthy is to prevent spread of germs in my child care center. This is an important goal for this age group children in my care because germs may cause serious illness. Hand washing is a practiced in our center.

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After playing in centers or eating, children and staff has to wash their hands. Staff follows a routine to clean and sanitize all the toys and surfaces in the center. Children in the center are fed nutritious snacks in order to keep them healthy and to keep the child from having too many sugars or fats in their diet. Another health precaution that is be used in my center is using non-latex gloves to change diapers. Employees and babies could be allergic to latex and the gloves protect germs from employee’s hands from getting on child and keep germs from the child from getting on an employee.

Gloves are a big health precaution in our center. In our center we have a nurse on staff to help if child isn’t feeling well. This will help other children from getting whatever the other student has. I do know how to complete an accident injury report if there is an incident because I received communicable disease recognition training. I also am aware of reporting that may be necessary to child protective services, because I have child abuse prevention training. Functional Area 3: Learning Environment

One of my goals in the learning environment is to provide the kids with opportunities to play and learn something all at the same time. This is important to me because I remember dreading coming to school when I was younger because I got bored. We can all agree that lectures are boring so I want the kids in my center to have fun while learning. At the star table we have cassettes with fun stories for kids to read and follow along with to begin recognition of words.

Play dough at the heart table from time to time to get their fine motor skills developed. At circle time we sing songs to learn patterns. Painting will help the teacher see what child is thinking. Also, coloring can help you see what child is thinking and how they feel. The art centers are to let the mind come alive it also is a great learning experience for children in our center it helps the creativity of a child and helps them learn on their own how to make objects over time. The learning environment is a very important part of a center.

I offer plenty of space for large muscle and group activities, as well as, provide semi-secluded spaces for children to have down time. The shelving is low and serves as barriers to prevent toddling babies from interacting with crawling babies. I try to make the room as inviting as possible by using visuals, texture, and music, to create a soothing atmosphere for learning. My daily routine offers reading, movement, observation, sensory stimulation, creativity, and play to help young ones develop.

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