Treasure Island Essay: Research This Mysterious Pirates’ World

Is there anybody who knows nothing about pirates? Of course, not! One of pirates “promoters” and great fans was Robert Louis Stevenson. His Treasure Island is still adored by children and adults, used for movie screenplays and discussed by the academic world.

It is impossible to count how many Treasure Island essays have been written by students from all over the world. Are you a bit lost and do not know what topic to choose for your own Treasure Island essay? Well, there are plenty of topics to write on.

  1. Biography in Treasure Island essay. In your Treasure Island essay you may consider the biography of the great author of this book. You may try to figure out what inspired Stevenson to write his great pirate adventure. Some people say Stevenson even wanted to become a pirate! Use this in your Treasure Island essay.
  2. Book analysis in Treasure Island essay. If you like analyzing words and styles you have a lot of work in your Treasure Island essay because Stevenson is regarded to be a guru of narration. You may also try to define whether Stevenson borrowed some of his narration techniques. Maybe, it was his uncle who used that language? Perhaps, you want to research the impact of this book on contemporaries and next generations.
  3. Characters’ analysis in Treasure Island essay. Each Stevenson’s character is a personality and deserves being considered. In a Treasure Island essay you may want to find out what prototypes Stevenson had for his book.

These are only few hints for your successful research which makes you plunge into an adventurous world of pirates and treasures.