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Petition for Transfer from Bristol Community College

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Sophomore year of high school I lost both of my godparents to cancer. Both were diagnosed late into stage four, both gone within a very short period of time. Losing two of the most significant people in my life hit me hard. It was the first time I had witnessed someone endure the cruel unfairness of reality. I was overwhelmed with the dramatic changes in my support structure. The focus of my future plans were somewhat disrupted. Attending a community college was the best practical move, considering the circumstances of that time.

My reason for transferring from Bristol Community College is purely academic. I enrolled in the business transfer program assured that I would continue my degree at a larger college. December will be the end of my final semester and I will have earned an associates in business administration.

I have had an internal curiosity in finance from a very young age. Growing up in a single parent household I learned the importance of; the value of money, a good work ethic and an education. Money was a constant concern throughout my childhood. Those memories are the drive behind my interest in the study of finance and economics.

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Throughout high school and college I have worked in the office of a manufacturing company. This has given me seven years of exposure and experience in the various operations of business from production, sales, finance and human resources. Out of my own interest I have researched banks, credit cards and various investment accounts. My friends often ask me my advice on money matters. I have taken this as a sign that I am pursuing the right education if they recognize how attentive I am to finances.

The intent of transferring is to be trained and educated in the fundamentals of how finance directly impacts daily life. To understand not only how numbers translate but also reflect the influence of society. how the human element of emotions, actions and ideas play into the economy. To gain understanding of the broad scope of investment as well as the very personal, sometimes volatile human element that is ever present and underlies the economy and ideally how each could be used to enhance the other.

Attending a college that specifically concentrates in the study of business is my utmost objective. I feel it would provide a more conducive environment to learning. It is of great importance to me to have the experience to learn and collaborate with an intelligent peer group. I would like to opportunity to be a part of a community and participate in daily campus life. I desire to learn from professors who take the concepts being taught in the classroom, and apply them to actual experience.

My personal interest in technology leads me to seek a college that adopts and integrates the latest technology and current resources into their teaching. I'm looking for the support from administration who will advise me based not only on my education but personality and strengths; to guide me where I might best be applied in the business world. I want to challenge myself in a college with a reputation of high standards, where I can carry the name as a mark of honor and whom I might have the esteemed privilege of being a representative of, throughout my life.

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