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Employees Appraisal System is a method used by Human Resource Administrators for them to scale their employees regarding to their working relationship with other employees and work efficiency. This was done randomly and is accomplished by surveyed employee with all honesty and secrecy. In effect the HR Administrators will decide weather such employee be given a promotion, an increase of salary or none of those will be given on the basis of merits shown by Appraisal for such employee.

Well as far as we can see, such appraisal system works effectively as far as Administrative aspect is concerned but in the Developmental aspect, appraisal systems may interpret datum which are created of personal biases because of its nature which is personally answered by an employee and as from that instance the person who is the subject of the said appraisal will have no chance to defend himself from any negative feedback and impression.

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So in this manner we can see the weakness of an appraisal system as the results will come out in a written form as judgment and decision were already implemented over such employee. In eliminating an appraisal system will help the management to create or to formulate a new system which they could assess their employees in much interactive and creative manner, they could also exert more effort to know personally the people who works with them and n their own very eyes manager could personally assess their employees in a much personal sense with out the opinion of others that may somehow put such person into bad light.

Only that, this could be a more time consuming work which could be lessen in a greater sense with the help of such appraisal system, it also may rate down the working efficiency of a company if appraisal system will not be use as there will be a numerous meetings which may interrupt the company’s official function.

Lastly, it may deliver such deliberate arguments between such employees each in every meeting simply because of man’s natural differences in ideas which in the long run may result into a series of resignations because of such issues which may affect the company’s working environment. Reference: Grote, D. , & Grote, R. C. (2002). The Performance Appraisal Question and Answer Book: A Survival Guide for Managers. New York: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn.

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