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Personal Challenge Essay

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There's plenty Of things I'll have to do in order to get through high school and have the grades to get into college. Participating in class and asking questions will help me to bet term understand what we're learning. Also, studying for exams and quizzes will lead to better g reads, which will look good to colleges. Doing all work and getting it all turned in on time will h elf to improve my grades. A high school diploma is a must have for getting accepted into a good college. No college, no job in the future. Basically have to go to college in order to AC hive my Laos of being an athletic trainer.

Finding the right college is going to take some e time and research. A college I would really like to go to is Duquesne University. Would I eke to go there because that's where my sister went. I would first want to see if this specific c allege would provide the education need to be an athletic trainer. I would also want to fin d out what the guidelines and requirements are for getting into that school. I could research the school and see what I can find, or I could talk to the guidance counselor here at Keystone. I co old also talk to y sister about the layout of the school and where certain classes and places are.

Playing basketball in college would also motivate me to stick with it. Playing basketball I could also get me a scholarship for college, so then my tuition wont be quite so much for m I've played basketball all my life and been around many athletes. I've seen ho w and why many injuries happen, and have had many injuries myself that required physic cal therapy with an athletic trainer. Being around this environment so much has really gotten me interested in being an athletic trainer. Eave always thought that it seemed like a fun career to ha eve.

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Personal Challenge Essay

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I'm going to have to work very hard to achieve this goal of mine. Its not goanna be easy beck cause there's a lot of things to learns, but I know I can do it. Everyone has something they would love to accomplish in their life. My goal I s to take up a career of being an athletic trainer. In order to achieve this I will have to work hard at everything do at school. I'll also have to get through both high school and cool leg with good grades. With that being said, achieving my goal of being an athletic trainer is g Anna be hard, but I can definitely do it.

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