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Persin development

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Silkysteps early years forum - planning ideas for play > Welcome to Silkysteps Early Years Forum > Early Years Discussion Forums > Training, Qualifications & CPD > Level 3 Diploma & NVQ SCH 32 2. 3 Describe how own values belief systems and experiences affect practice User Name Remember Me? Password Register FAQ Members List Calendar Arcade Level 3 Diploma & NVQ Level 3 : NVQ Children's Care, Learning and Development and Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce. Please DO NOT COPY and PASTE information from this forum and then submit the work as your own.

Plagiarism isks you failing the course and the development of your professional knowledge. Go to Page... Page 1 of 21 Thread Tools Display Modes easylife Acorn ”Putting down roots... " Posts: 11 JOtn Date: Mar 2010 SCH 32 2. 3 Describe how own values belief systems and experiences affect practice I really would like to thank every one here in this site. Without posting any question last year for my NVQ Level 2 that I passed I really benefit from all of your posted answers. I have now started my Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce and we have 21 units this year I am in unit 052 is any one here doing the same course? periences my effect working practice? Manythanks View Public Profile Find all posts by easylife #2 10-16-2010, 10:11 PM Ruthierhyme Administrator Join Date: Nov 2005 posts: 5,959 Hi a warm welcome to the site xx

You need to look at what you value, what beliefs you personally have and the experiences that you have that may or maynot affect the way you work. How would you describe your outlook on life? Negative? do you feel things will go badly Optimistic? maybe you're open toa range of possible outcomes Are you positively focussed? o you find it easy to be keen, motivated, eager to plan, witness and take art. The collins handbook lays out guidance for this assessment criteria by category Family background: the make-up of your immediate and extended family and their impact; whether you were an only child or were there many children; sibling rivalry; a mix of genders; the history of your family; whether there was a harsh discipline or permissive attitude. Environment: the house/flat/caravan you grew up in and its location, within town or rural setting, within a cetain geographical area, or a different country.

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Persin development

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Finances: whether you were wealthy or struggled to have your basic needs met. Education: the ethos of your school; whether single or mixed sex; boarding or day school; inspirational teachers; success academiucally; whether you were bullied; whether you developed special interests. Religious or spiritual beleif system including if you embraced or rejected this. Moral influences: values passed onto you as being of central importance to the way you live your life. Pg 54 - Everyone is influenced and shaped by their unique experience of life.

It can be hard to separate personal and professional responses when you're asked to perform both simultaneously throughout each working day. For the ability to maintain objectivity or be unaffected by personal bias maybe look at your personal Would it help to evaluate ; examine them by refelcting on your feelings? . eg. if you were asked to write a sentence using your positive/indifferent/negative thoughts on each of the following, what would that single sentence be/ what would it children's rights? a good idea or bad idea? sum up? human rights? ECM and positive outcomes? artnership and working together as an internal and external team? male / female roles - who stays home to care for children, who goes out to work, who uses ifferent tools, who drives different vehicles, who takes which managerial position . human appearance - skin colour, eye colour,

How do you know when you've discriminated against others or found you've contradicted yourself. healthy eating substance use - smoking, drugs, alchol mental health exual health Consider the role that you're charged with, the title ; description of your Job and the positive outcomes during their time with you and as an underpinning expectation for their forevers. Which of the above do you feel you can whole heartedly support, enjoying all the opportunities available that would promote learning about it.

Which do you accept are an individual's own choice, whilst not your personal choice you respect their rights/right to be safe, express themselves Which do you struggle to understand, challenges your thinking, causes you to feel defensive or makes you feel a need to ustify or re-examine your reasoning. How supportive could you be to someone with views and beliefs that conflict with your own. How do you think your views, beliefs impact on your practice?

Are you able to separate personal and professional responses? Are you able to see what difference exists between personal and professional practice - objectivity? Are you able to overcome strength of personal feeling to safeguard the children in your care and work in partnership with parents and colleagues? For ideas on methods of relective practice 'e. thinking, writing, discussion, enacting or role play - this thread may help

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