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The macro-economic situations are leading to lower sales for all automobile manufacturers I Strength - being affiliated with a Japanese carmaker and indirectly linked to Toyota, the No. Remake in the world. Provides access to new technology, enables regular product updates and brings production efficiencies available as a member of a larger group. Weakness - dependent on Dadaists for models so the partnership must be managed well for the long-term and be a win-win situation for both sides. Opportunities - as the domestic market becomes too competitive and saturated, Persona would be able to sell its products in other countries with the help of Dadaists and Toyota. Already, this is happening with the Minify being exported to

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Indonesia and sold as a Dadaists Sirloin. Threat - there must be strong discipline on the Malaysian side not to feel comfortable and complacent Just because there is a 'Big Brother' supporting Persona (and I don't mean the Malaysian gobo). The threat is really internal - that there develops a mentality that there is no need to learn, no need to develop in-house skills and Just let the Japanese run things. This would be the wrong attitude and is one of the reasons why Proton went into the drain. Persona Soot By chenille 234

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