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Payroll is the sum of all the financial records of salaries of every employee; it also includes the wages, bonus and deductions. Payroll plays a major role in every company or establishment, because it refers to the amount paid to every employee of that certain company or establishment for services they provided during the certain period of time.

This System is all about the software that can be used in producing the weekly payment scheme of every employee in this chosen establishment. The database of this system includes the keeping of records and information of every employee, the computation of their salaries, deductions and other incentives. This software also supports the keeping of Daily time records of every employee.

We are encouraging the owner of 786 ALI AVENUE Co. Ltd. to use this Computerized Payroll System in computing the weekly salary and for keeping the records of their employees, because this system provides past and essential transaction. It also reduces the error in manually computing the salaries of every employee.

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Project Background

The system chosen in this project is Payroll System, and means the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. Proponent had chose this system because one of the researcher is stepchild of the owner of the 786 ALI AVENUE Co Ltd. and this company using the manual computation of payroll system so that the proponent determine to do some computerize payroll system to minimize and to ease the computation.

The appearance of this Payroll system is first, having a automated attendance for the employee, it didn't needs manual computation to find the absences and tardiness of the laborer. second, every employee will be having unique password that they'll be use before and after their duty's time.

General Objectives

To design and develop a Computerized Payroll System for 786 ALI AVENUE Co. Ltd. that provides past transaction in computing the weekly salaries of their employees and minimizes the manual checking of daily time records, monitors employee’s previous records such as cash advance and other charges, and keeping employees information. And generate essential reports to the owner of this establishment.

Specific Objectives

To develop software that will monitor the status of employee’s daily time records, deduction such as cash advance tardiness and absences and other charges.

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