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Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages Ap History

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Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages The Neolithic Age changed the way people live now a days for many reasons. First of all, in this era agriculture was very important. People could farm instead of hunting and gathering and also they could settle down in one place. People also began to live in small communities. Settling down in one place meant more food and free time. This started trade because there were food surpluses and began the first forms of government. There were many things to be done so they divided work up among everyone in the small community.

This was the very beginning of the way we live today. The Paleolithic Age is the Old Stone Age ending in 1200 B. C. E. were stone tools were used for hunting and gathering. People used tools such as clubs and choppers to crack open bones. Tools in this era were mainly made to use for shelter, defense, and keepings of food and clothing. These people believed in an afterlife which was similar to actual life on Earth because they were provided with all the tools, weapons and necessities needed to survive which was stated in document 1.

In this age scholars believed that their ancestors lived in a world of spirits and shown in document 2 these people were hunters. The Neolithic Age is the New Stone Age between 8000 and 5000 B. C. E. were the adaptation of sedentary agriculture occurred and were domestication of plants and animals occurred. This is the era where people began to develop social groups and create civilizations and stop moving from place to place. Stated in the document 4 people began to depend more on animals and less on plants.

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They followed herds of animals instead of just one to get more food and eventually create a surplus. The animals that they herded gave them the fertilizer for agriculture. In document 5 it says that there were settled farming communities and they began to create a council to make decisions on what to harvest. Settled people had more personal property. These differences were so important because of the technology and ways of life that these people started to create.

If the people from the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages didn’t discover the things that they did our world today would be totally different. There are many possibilities on what our life would be like today if these people didn’t start a foundation for us. In conclusion, as you can see the Neolithic age changed how we live greatly. They started the first forms of agriculture and created small communities of people. People settled in one place and began to trade for work. What do you think life would be like if people from these two eras didn’t start the things they did for us?

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