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Overpopulation Outline

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Overpopulation’s effect on children in China and India in comparison to America’s more balanced population A. Infant mortality rates are higher in countries with an overpopulation problem than in countries that have room to grow. In countries that struggle with overpopulation, such as India and China, the economy is in a constant flux that hinders the advancement of life saving health care. With this one issue out of the equation in America, she is still able to provide the necessary medical care for infants born premature or with dangerous defects that would result in death in other places. . Even if the medicine in such countries was improved, with the amount of people in any given place, it would be a huge undertaking to provide all of them with these new medicines. Since, by definition, overpopulation is an abundance of people, India and China are less concerned about high infant mortality rates. Even though losing a child is terrible anywhere, in America, the death of such a young innocent is more catastrophic than in an overpopulated country.

India and China struggle with educating their young children, while in some area’s in America children as young as six months are beginning to learn basic language and mathematics. Densely populated countries like India and China have so many people that some of populace simply fall through the cracks. In America, while the education system is not perfect, most children under sixteen are in school. For a child to be aloud by his or her parents to stop attending school is against the law. Children attending school in the United States have the advantage of a 15. :1 student-teacher ratio in public schools and 12. 5:1 ratio in private schools. China’s ratio is closer to 18:1 and India hits an astounding 34:1 ratio. While the US, India, and China all have high percentages of two parents working households, the pre-kinder kids in both India and China are not receiving the same attention to preschool education as the children in America. C. With the overabundance of people in India and China, childhood traumas are not treated the same as in America. In overpopulated countries struggling to feed all their people, proper sychological treatment for children who have gone through shocks and distress is low on the list. Some experts think that America tends to overdramatize some traumas in children. Overall children can bounce back and suppress many things unless they are constantly brought up over and over to be sure that a child is coping. This sometimes produced handicaps in adults that would otherwise have not been there. In countries such as India and China where there are so many people to compete with to stand out, family pressures on children to be great result in high suicide rates.

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