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Operations in management

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Operations Management Is one of the essential business functions and is therefore vital to any organizational system that delivers products and services , for example a bank, airline, or computer manufacturer. At the very core, operations management Is all about, designing, creating, controlling and Improving the many operational processes wealth a company (In such system environments).

Operations management deals with a transformation of inputs such as raw materials, labor, capital and information into outputs such as goods and services and can include finished products that are ready for consumptions and semi ready products such as work-in-progress or inputs for other operations. Transformation of inputs usually requires a series of processes (steps) in order to get the desired output. Successful transformation depends on sufficient feedback so that we can continuously control and improve the existing processes.

Supply chains bring products to customers ND consist of a network or all interactions between suppliers and customers. In order to efficiently manage each facet of the SC, each company has to perform in each area; any operational decision might effect and impact the other stakeholders in the supply chain. They ensure alignment of strategy and operations with suppliers and customers through communication and information flows. -Involves several different companies. The individual companies are connected through flows. However Supply chains are usually more complex. Multitude structure made up of multiple companies. These companies have to work together in order to form a functional supply chain. SCM is about planning and controlling all the aspects of interaction between the companies involved in the complex process of forming a Vs... A "system" refers to a collection of parts working interdependently to create a specifiable outcome. Feedback is the information about the performance of the system, that when returned to the system, can modify the system's behavior.

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Operations in management

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A system is an interconnected and coordinated set of elements and process that converts inputs into desired outputs. A company is made up of numerous individual systems in the various functional areas, not only in manufacturing or operations but also in engineering, marketing, accounting, and other areas that together constitute the overall system that is the company itself moment in time. LINE VIEW: multiple activities in sequence. 0 CIRCLE VIEW: results of one cycle provide feedback to the next cycle.

Help everyone see the big picture: employees do not focus too heavily on their own goals, the business is interrelated, therefore it is important employees also focus on he business' goals as a whole so that the system works efficiently. -Understand how individual systems really work and how they interact: while trying to improve one system it is important not to damage another. Therefore it is important not to try and fix a system without understanding how each one works and how they interact with other systems. Understand problems before trying to fix them: "The typical way of managing is to take the whole and divide it into parts, then try to make each part perform as well as possible. But we have proven many times now that when you improve the reference of the parts you do not necessarily improve the performance of the whole. In fact, you can make it worse. Putting a Mercedes engine in a Volkswagen, for instance, doesn't make the Volkswagen a better car, even though it now has a superior engine. A system has properties that none of the parts have.

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