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Operation Optimize

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With the revenue of the company continuously declining, AcuScan CEO Cliff O Connor teamed Pat Lambert and Chris Martinas and Kelly Thomas as the Chief Engineer. Pat Lambert and Chris come up with the idea of venturing into retailers and providing them with retinal scanner that would give retailers details of the behavior of their customers. The idea was consulted to Kelly Thomas and requested to give him time to analyze the said project proposal.

On the other hand, Cliff send an email to Chris Martinas telling the latter if they could cut their budget for the “Operation Optimize” from $575,000 down to $400,000 due to budget constraint. Chris forwarded the information to Kelly and Pat afterwards and told the two to review again the specifications of the project if the project could still hold the said budget cut. Kelly made a comment to Pat that it would be impossible for them to finish “Operation Optimize” in 6-8 months given the said budget cut and considering the available number of engineers that will work on it.

But Pat insisted that it would still be possible to pursue the said project since she already consulted one of the engineers of the company regarding the project. She also added that they could produce a prototype version of “Operation Optimize” and provide the perfected one later on. Kelly did not like the said statement of Pat and commented that AcuScan has been known for its dedication in providing quality retinal scanner through years of conducting research and development.

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Operation Optimize

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Implementing the idea of Pat of producing a prototype in the market and eventually supply the perfected one would just ruin the good market reputation of the company. With this, Pat felt she’s been not receiving her needed support from Chris and Kelly and that is the reason why she sent Cliff an email telling the latter about the reactions of her teammates and wanted to discuss some details about the project. References Labossiere, M. C. (1995). Description of Appeal to Authority. Retrieved October 28, 2007, from http://www. nizkor. org/features/fallacies/appeal-to-authority. html

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