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Number one Analyze

Essay Topic:

Meaning: to identify and examine the basic elements or parts of (something) especially for discovering interrelationships Asses: : to determine the importance, size, or value of Compare: to describe as similar Describe : to give a representation or account of in words Discuss: to talk about (an issue) usually from various points of view and for the purpose of arriving at a decision or opinion Illustrate: to show or make clear by using examples Pizza hut has been around for many years.

Today, it is considered one of the biggest fast food restaurants around the world.Pizza hut exists in many countries, and although its menu is the same around the world, it learned to adapt to every country culture and heritage by providing services and products that are advertised and sold according to the country itself.Pizza Hut started with only pizzas.

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And nowadays his menu has expanded and includes everything from pastas, appetizers, kids menus, salads, and of course the pizzas. It took a long time to expand the menu, but with the right advertising, pizza

Hut did not have any problem. Until now, pizza Hut still works hard on advertising. Everybody knows pizza Hut through commercials, billboards, flyers, and of course the internet. There is a new deal, new promotion every so often. Having the right product and a good advertising team is not enough. A good restaurant should always worry about its services and always pay attention to the customer needs. A SWOT analysis shows the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats Pizza Hut is going through in Lebanon.

After taken over the market with ts pizza menu, Pizza Hut introduced a wider variety menu which includes pastas, and salads. The customers can now visit Pizza Hut even if they do not feel like having a pizza. It also introduced a PHD (pizza hut delivery) service, which is available in almost every town but it does not have many dine in locations comparing to other fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger king. One of Pizza Hut regular customers, my friend Edward, spends most of his time eating pizza, and praises about Pizza Hut services and products.

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