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Nivea products

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Nivea products are positioned in the skincare product category which includes skin crème, lotion, toner, face wash, moisturizer, to approximately 300 other skincare products.  The first Nivea product, Nivea Crème, was introduced in the market in 1911 to target elite consumers.  This single commercial product was appreciated by a particular population of consumers, adult women, and this item was then known for its high quality crème.  Since then, Nivea produced more skincare products as well as generated sub-brands such as Body, Visage, Beauté, Sun, For Men, Hair Care and Baby.  The company then subtly modified its positioning from skincare wellness to general wellness and targeted consumers of all ages and genders.  For example, in the product Nivea Daily Protective Lotion for Men, the targeted consumers are the male population, and this type of consumer would be less interested in the primary products.

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Nivea products

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Nivea brand products are currently distributed across approximately 150 countries around the world.  Nivea is owned by a German company, Beiersdorf AG, and their products have been patronized for almost 10 years now because they have maintained the good quality of their products (Jemec and Wulf, 1999) while controlling the reasonable prices of their products.  Their advertising scheme is very straightforward yet simple, claiming that their products are “gentle yet thorough.”  Nivea has also featured a personal approach to presenting their products, wherein they provide advice on general wellness as well as tips for stress management, diet and exercise.  It is therefore worthwhile to purchase any Nivea product for one’s benefit.


Jemec, G.B. and Wulf, H.C. (1999):  Correlation between the greasiness and the plasticizing effect of moisturizers.  Acta Derm Venereol.  79(2):115-7.

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