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Neopets Marketing

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Today, the world of technology has introduced new forms of entertainment to people making them conform to the modernity of society. Numerous online gaming has been released on the internet; while some of those are played and embraced by the society, some failed to satisfy the needs of people and slowly lose the game in online gaming industry. Apparently, many online games can be found on internet right now and all of them have different techniques to persuade the customers to stay and play the game that are being offered to them.

Each online game has a market segment in order to identify the game mechanics well; however, regardless of how the company presented the game to the market, only few of them stay online. Neopets is one of the online games in twentieth century. After it was launched, the interactive online game had sold majority share to the investors and received positive feedbacks from the players. The introduction of new games in the internet has become a threat rather than an opportunity to the wide market of Neopets.

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In this case, the marketing plan of Neopets has required more strategic actions in order to stay in the marketplace (Headon, 2002). Gaining More Neopoints The concept of Neopets has somehow similar to other online games that already exist. In other words, playing a game that would require the player to have its own character which would explore the fictional world, fight with fellow online characters, and complete the tasks that are given to them is definitely an old concept in this modern society.

Eventually, many children’s products have gone to decline stage in the market due to usual concepts and ideas. The market was able to recognize Neopets through the advertisements that were done for the product (Rodgers, 2004). In fact, the game was featured in numerous shows and the company applied the most effective marketing communication tools to reach the potential market. Although the fast transition of trends in the market affects the businesses of those companies that sell the products online and even work with the use of internet, Neopets cannot easily exit in the emerging market.

With the use of effective marketing technique, the company will be able to make the product stay in the market and penetrate the wider customers. Apparently, Neopets should keep on developing new concepts in order to evade the decline stage. Since new companies keep on producing products for children and penetrating the market with new ideas, Neopets should develop new ones that would arouse the interest of the customers in playing their Neopets’ characters.

Aside from new concepts that would advance the Neopets and make the company gain competitive advantage from its competitors, the company should also keep on advertising the products to the target market. Intense advertising would help the product to penetrate more target markets and increase the number of the online players. Although the company had succeeded in gaining brand awareness through immersive advertising which the product is being endorsed through web sites and little exposure on movie and television shows, the constant penetration of products in the same industry has shown the need for an intense promotion.

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