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There are many models that describe a three step method discussion, proposals, conclusion despite which school of thought one prescribes to, the process of preparation, discussion, proposal bargaining, and conclusion apply. Part I Background and Settings The situation described in the following is very much like the last one, where we discussed the purchase of a vehicle. However, in this example the professional car salesman lost customers sue to his lack of following a process to ensure that there was a win-win meet in the end. My wife and I were going to purchase our flirt new vehicle together.

We had purchased a used car In the past however the customer/dealer relationship was completely different than the one we encountered. Part II How was it Negotiated Being a first time car buyer carries with it tremendous pressure since you are going tee-a- tee with a person who sells vehicles and negotiates for a living. Being a young couple, we had done some homework on the car we wanted to purchase color, make, and model. We did some shopping around visiting several local dealers to see the price range for the vehicle we wished to purchase (this was before you could Google everything).

Therefore, we had prepared ourselves to enter negotiations with the dealer that we felt comfortable in dealing with. On our negotiation team were myself, my wife, and my father (l said we were young). On the team for the dealership was Tony a veteran car salesman and a fairly new salesman, AY, who one could tell was starting a second career. We arrived at the dealership with our research done and our interests and options that we desired for our new car. We also, came with some determination and the attitude that we were going to leave with what we anted and In the range that we desired.

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After arriving at the dealership, we quickly found the Explorer with the options positions. AY entered the picture and we did the obligatory test drive. Upon returning, the negotiation process began. The first phase introduced by Sahara (2011) is the discussion during this phase, the exchange of ideas, information, offers and counter-offers should be communicated between the two parties. He also goes onto say that the pieces of the discussion that construct a positive and constructive discussion can be undone by negative or imaging behaviors or comments.

This second part is the attitude that was brought on by Tony. To begin with, he pushed AY off to the side and began trying to sell the car to my father. His response was, you are selling to the wrong guy, as he pointed to my wife and l. As he continued to sell us his line he continually asked my wife if this or that was her hot button. This was due to the fact that when he began to discuss the price of the car vice the value of our trade-in, my wife became visually We found AY, told him that we would have much rather have dealt with him, but with Tony on the scene the hard work that he had done was quickly undone.

PROPOSALS The bargaining phase proposal involves narrowing the gap between the two initial positions and persuading the other person that your case is so strong that they must accept less than they had planned. (Toolbox, n. D. ) In our situation we never had the opportunity to enter the proposal phase with our salesman. However, about twenty minutes after our departure, our salesman AY called us and asked us to explain the events that drove us away once again so that he could convey them to his director of ales and hoped that he would see the error of the situation and try to bring us back.

As AY had hoped the director called us and apologized for the way in which Tony had conducted himself and asked if we were willing to come back and give them another try. This is the point in which we entered our first proposal we come back but the point that we enter at before any rebates and our trade-in was the price they said was their sale price. With some hesitation, he accepted our first proposal and we returned to the dealership. The mistake of poor attitudes and misspoken words cost he dealership one of their big trading cards.

CLOSING THE DEAL This phase formally seals and binds the parties into the outcomes of the agreement. (Karri, 2013) After returning to the dealership, we were met by AY and the general manager. The proposal of the price that we discussed on the phone was represented and we continued form that point. There were some finer details that were worked through form this point however as Sahara (2011) this is permissible when working through the finer details. They offered us an agreeable amount for our trade and with a people of extra to sweeten the deal we were able to come to a final price.

The entire process when we returned took less than 30 minutes, though in that time we were able to make final proposals and come to a conclusion on price to seal the deal. CONCLUSION Negotiating through the phases that were introduced can be done in a short period of time or can be long and drawn our. Both sides may go back and forth between the phases. (Sahara, 2011) However, with open communication, the avoidance of angering or belittling your opponent and understanding a conclusion an be reached that is amicable to both parties.

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