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Essay on Nature vs nurture

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I was reading an article called "Nature Nurture In Psychology written by Saul Mcleod published by the website "psychologically. Org" In 2007 1 was deeply intrigued by the argument. Are the things we do in life coming from our surroundings or are we the way we are the day that we're born? The article defines and answers all questions or curiosities we had about this subject and supports each and every one of them with psychological resources. As you read the article you start o realize and understand the meaning to the question and start to make your own opinions and assumptions.

There is the question that we all want to know, but we couldn't figured it out yet. So the question Is; what makes our personality nature or nurture? Every people answering this question differently, some people says nature Is making our personality, some people says nurture or some people says the both. I believe that the both things are making our lives, because we all have some skills from our parents that we can't ignore. Also, things that we are seeing changing us too. For example I was trusting people that I just met, but when I get hurt from one of them it changed all my behavior, now it is so hard to trust someone for me.

On the other hand, the video that I watch about twins showed me how nature can affects your personality. The twins were separated from birth and they met each other after 35 years and they realize that they have too many similarities this showed us how the nature is important for this question. Although, I would Like to give an example about homosexual people. I knew some homosexual people and I talked them about their sexual orientation then I realized hat there are two kinds of homosexuality.

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One of them Is about the nature; some people are Borneo to be a man but they actually have a women soul inside in that body, so they are becoming homosexual after while they realized that and it is so normal in this time. Also, I met some homosexuals that nurture made them as a gay person. When I talked some of them told me that they have 2-3 sisters and they grow up with them, and they told me growing with sisters might made them a gay person. Long story short, in this two different gay personally situation it is easy to understand hat the nature and nurture are both effecting our lives.

In conclusion, as in the argument of nature vs. nurture it is hard to define an answer for this question. As I mention the video of twins showed us that nature is playing a big part to make our personality. Also, the homosexuality situational Is showing us that the nurture can change our behavior and personality as much as nature.

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