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Nature of thought

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Thinking: the activity of the brain that can potentially be communicated. Inform thoughts become your words become your actions become your habits become your character become you. " (Gary R. Kirby and Jeffery R. Godparent, Thinking, 2007) What makes human thinking unique is the fact that our thoughts are made up of language. Language allows us to see things differently by channeling our thinking and perceptions. Our thoughts are influenced by the language we use to describe them.

The languages we use may too be influenced by personal barriers. Personal barriers include self- serving biases, cognitive distortions that put us in a favorable position. Stereotypes, being biased toward members of a certain group. Emotional influences also effect and inspire human thought. Emotion is what differentiates human beings from animals. We as humans think to communicate, using different languages that are influenced by barriers based upon memories. Memory plays an important role in thinking. Without memory we can't think. According to Richard Paul and Linda

Elder, Journal of Developmental Education, "Everything we learn is related to everything we learn and learning things in relation to each other makes each of the things we learn more memorable, more intelligible, and more useful. " Without memory we'd have no future to imagining and no past to consider. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is essential to the critical thinking process. Sleep debt can negatively affect our mood, motivation, memory, decision making, concentration, problem solving, and logical thinking (Corer, 1996). So in order to think big we must stimulate the brain with intellectual activity and enhance our memory.

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Enhancing memory includes making information meaningful, by associating new information with what we already know well, by using mnemonic techniques and by repetition and practice. Listening to the recollections of others and being open to the possibilities. Finding relevance of the information, how it relates to our lives, increases its meaning and makes it more memorable. Now let's use my memory. I can remember when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I thought I had gotten sick. I didn't feel well, very low amount of energy. Well I was sick, but it wasn't the sick

I was thinking where I could go buy something over the counter and it be gone in a few days. I was suffering from morning sickness, the nauseous feeling a woman's body goes through in the first trimester of pregnancy. The difference in my thoughts and reality was that a baby was coming. A child, a life changing experience. I had all kinds of thoughts going through my head. First, I had to acknowledge that I was soon to be called "Mommy'. Which then lead to other thoughts like if I was good enough to be parent at the age of 22. I thought what my family would think of me being that I as still young and not married.

I was concerned on what the father of my child would say when I told him. After informing my family and accepting this important role that was coming into play. I began taking prenatal classes to educate myself on being a mother. I enrolled in college and begin taking Early Childhood Education courses. I learned that having my daughter pushed me into the field of working with children and having a passion for the work that I do. In the beginning I was nervous, worried about what others would think of me. Encapsulation was a personal barrier s I was raised to believe that one should be married before she has a child.

My emotions were out of control the first couple of months as I thought to myself that I wasn't fit for the circumstances. After all that I have to say that I am a wonderful mother despite all my fears and that my thoughts from then have influenced and encouraged me to believe that can handle all situations, and to see something good out of anything that we are faced with.

Nature of thought essay

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