National Tourism Organisations

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Many countries are scrapping and replacing their National Tourism Organizations with private local and international institutions due to globalisation. However, National Tourism Organizations are very necessary for successful tourism destination improvement and maintenance of any country in the world (Michael & Stephen, 2007, p. 221). Tourism in various countries has turned out to be a major source of revenue due to the changing habits of consumerism.

Globalization acting to link the whole world through smooth information flow, services and products assist the tourists to choose with ease their destinations depending on their tastes and preferences. As part of the individual countries economic pillars through income generated from the enterprise, National Tourism Organizations roles go beyond coordination of the local tourism destination to strategic planning and preparedness to handle different issues at different times. This paper explores critically the essence of the National Tourism Organizations in the tourism enhancing strategies internationally.

Economic considerations of the government in coordinating the National Tourism Organizations is compared with the private capitalistic enterprises that are usually not ready to continue during the times of disasters when the profits are low. Besides, the paper also highlights the current reasons why the national tourism boards roles have been falling short of target in various countries and recommends the possible actions that should be taken to strengthen and increase the levels of tourism visitation in their individual countries (Commission on sustainable development, 1999, p. 4).

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Coordination, Policy and regulations development. National Tourism Organizations act as the main governments bodies that prepare all reports relating to the tourism industries in the country. Prior planning is necessary for successful tourism to thrive in any country (Richards & Wilson, 2005, pp. 156-159). As the custodian of the tourism activities records, and in the key ministries, tourism organizations are able to coordinate tourist activities in their countries with limited externalities.

They are impartial in the policy development, as they pave way for investors in the field under the established guidelines. Germany national tourism board coordinates with other key departments to ensure tourists destinations are in the best order possible to enhance visitation into the country. The overseas public and private partnership is easily fostered by developing synergies at the local and international levels (Tyrrell & Lorin, 2002, PP. 117-118). Read about disadvantages of Space tourism

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