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My Own Observation of Nature

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For this week's essay it was asked of me to write about the ways in which life observed In nature can yield understanding In our own lives. From my own observation of nature I have learned that everyone has a role to play In life. No matter how small of a creature: there is something vital that it does for our existence. In the following paragraphs I will be explaining this a bit more into detail. To make my perspective a bit more clear I will be providing a few examples. For example ants, ants are such small creatures and without doing any research hind; what ecological importance does an ant have?

Honestly I can't think of any Important roles an ant may have for our ecosystem so I did a bit of research. Ants turn and aerate the solo allowing water and oxygen to reach plant roots; they are also a very important part of the food web. Some species of ants eat termites: others are the actual meal for other animals such as frogs, bears, etc. Zebra mussels are small triangle shaped shells and are usually a brown color with stripes. In fresh water ecosystems they can act as filters for plankton, by clearing the eater sunlight can reach deeper Into the water; this lets more aquatic animals to grow.

Although they do provide benefits to our ecosystem they can also be very damaging; they can clog pipes, they eat phytoplankton which leaves less food for fish and zooplankton. They tend to grow on manmade structures which affect the governments and business owners financial troubles. In my opinion difficulty plays an important role in our life; if we don't experience the bad things how will we know what the good things are? I think that the hardships e face not only help us realize the good things in life but also help us learn to appreciate them.

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In my experience the sports adage - No pain, no gain Is true. To me It means that nothing worthwhile Is ever going to be easy. Is the gain ever worth the pain? Yes, yes it is. For example, I am in a long distance relationship right now. My boyfriend currently resides in Colorado while I'm living in Arizona. It's definitely hard to be so far apart and not see each other that often and we both make sacrifices on each ends and it's a struggle sometimes but in the end it's Roth It.

As far as what type of gain it has to be In order to be worthwhile Ill have to say that that's subjective to each person. In conclusion, from observing nature I have learned that even when it doesn't seem like we have a role to play we do have one. God has a plan for us and we should trust that, also even the smallest things can make a huge impact in our lives.

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