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My Life Journey

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My Life Journey By Iris Jackson There is an American gospel song “Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey” also written in Maya’s Angelou book of quote is the song that reflects on my life journey and the road I am traveling today. After reflecting on my life I can say I have had the bitter with the sweet. Through all of them I have gain wisdom and knowledge. At the age 42 I know there are happy days after the rainy days. They all come to make me strong. In this paper I plan to share show I overcame many challenges and obstacles.

Later on I will write about my childhood living in a rural area in N. C. I will include how many and hard times was a failure to my family. Last growing up in a Christian family. Living in a rural area in N. C. was rough. Southgate was on the back side of town down a dusty dirt road. There were no running water, no toilets, and no transportation. There were never enough money my father was the bread winner. My parents never had enough money for bill ,food or new clothes. My mother stayed home as a housewife. I can remember working on the farm with my parents.

We had to pick peanuts ,corn and beans. My father raised pigs and chickens. I will never forget those hot days. Working in the field helped me to appreciate life today. I have learned to accept and not complain about things, It was never too late for hard times to knock on our door. My parents were strict we had to do a lot of chores back in the day. Levinson believe that everyone goes through the same basic pattern of development. ( Witt&Mossler 2010) My family was a Christian like family. My mother was an usher. My father was an deacon.

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My Life Journey

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They trusted god for everything. My mother taught me my first prayer. We would sit around the table and have Bible study with family and friends. I have learned today to put God first and he will do the rest. I can remember we had to go to church morning and evening. It grew up in me there is no better place I rather be. In all I go through I find church to be a hospital for the sick. The hard times have truly paid off. We didn’t have transportation so we had to walk to church. I think out of all my hobbies I like church the best.

I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey right now. Erik Erikson expresses that Expressing hopes dreams and fears to an intimate partner also helps solidify and integrate self-image ( Witt& Mossler 2010) I also teach my son to go to church. He is our church drummer. I would like to thank my family for the love and support they have shown. The family that prays together stays together. I will keep looking up and never give up on my life journey. Again I say I want take Nothing for my journey right now. I feel like that a true song to the core.

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