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My Future as a Criminal Lawyer

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In twenty years, the one job I could see myself doing would be as a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer (a. k. a. appeals defense attorney/ appeals defense lawyer) is a lawyer that defends the organizations, individuals, and entities that have been charged with a crime. Their duties include basic fact finding, legal analysis, legal motions, memorandums, request bargaining, jury selection, and participating in trials and sentencing.

Their salaries average from $50,000 to $105,000 a year, putting them in a high-middle class range. To be a criminal lawyer, you must have a four year undergraduate degree, and a J. D degree which you must attend 3 years of law school to complete, but to get into law school you must complete a law school administration test. I know that to be a criminal lawyer, I must try my hardest in school and put time and patience into my work. I want to be a criminal lawyer because out of all careers, this one best fits my abilities.

I am very good at arguing and it keeps me busy, which I like. I'm also good at looking at the pros and cons of situations. The salary will also benifit me greatly. Some of the other plans that I have for my future will be complicated without having a good salary. And if I have children to care for, they would have all needs necessary. So, after thinking of all of this, it's is obvious that being a criminal lawyer is the right choice for me.

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