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Muslim Immigration

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The sentiments supporting Muslim immigration into this country misses one important aspect of the Islam faith. Their Quran teaches annihilation of all kafir civilizations (that's us).

Deadly anti-Christian attacks are commonplace in the Muslim world; over 2,000 in just the last three years, including church bombings and the slaughter of any who refused to convert to Islam.

At a time when we need to be alerted to these dangers, political and religious leaders, as well as the media, are instead joining the Muslim Brotherhood-manufactured battle against "Islamophobia." In the face of the Islam-inspired genocide of Christians, this strikes me as a grotesque inversion of priorities.

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Muslim Immigration

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I put "Islamophobia" in quotes because a phobia is an irrational fear. If you check history, including recent history, people should have reasonable fear of authentic Islam.

These true historical facts, were all by Muslims:

  • 1968, Robert Kennedy, shot/killed.
  • 1972, Munich Olympics, Israeli athletes kidnapped/massacred.
  • 1972, Pan Am 747, Cairo. Hijacked/blown up.
  • 1973, Pan Am 707, grenade attack. Rome. 33 killed.
  • 1979, Iranian US Embassy takeover.
  • 1980's, Americans kidnapped. Lebanon.
  • 1983, Beirut. US Marine barracks blown up.
  • 1985, cruise ship Achille-Lauro hijacked, 70-year-old American passenger thrown overboard in his wheelchair.
  • 1985, TWA Flight 847, hijacked. Athens, US Navy Diver, rescuing passengers, murdered
  • 1988, Pan Am Flight 103, bombed.
  • 1993, World Trade Center, bombed (first time).
  • 1998, US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, bombed.
  • 2001, four airliners hijacked/crashed. World Trade Center/Pentagon. Thousands killed.
  • 2002, US fought Afghanistan war against Muslims.
  • 2002, reporter Daniel Pearl, kidnapped/beheaded.
  • 2013, Boston Marathon bombing, four killed, 264 injured.
  • 2015 Chattanooga, Tennessee military center, five killed
  • 2015 Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino, California, 14 killed
  • 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, 49 killed, more wounded
  • 2017 — New York, eight pedestrians killed/dozen injured near World Trade Center

Regrettably, singular focus on terroristic atrocities are misleading. It feeds into the narrative that the threat of Islam is limited to a handful of extremists.

But, there is a much bigger problem: widespread and unrelenting persecution of Christians and Jews is found in every Muslim society and in Europe. The attitude of Muslims toward non-Muslims is not one of hate, fear, or envy, but rather contempt. The pervasive nature of the persecution, including discrimination, intimidation, rapes, abductions, forced conversions and the destruction of homes/churches, suggests that it stems from the core texts and teachings of mainstream Islam itself, not a distortion of Islam.

Muslims have not misinterpreted Islam ... more likely the misunderstood are those who, though well-intentioned, have no real-life experience of Islam.

Islam is presented as a religion of peace and justice, not unlike Christianity. But, Muslims and Christians do not share a common faith. These misguided statements aren't based on teachings nor history of Islam, but ignorance. Read the Quran yourself.

This aggressively, anti-Western culture which has a hold on Europe was enabled by immigration policies based on an uncritical view of Islam. Europeans, naively assuming Muslims would assimilate to Western values, are forced to acclimate to Islamic values— polygamy, misogyny, honor violence, female genital mutilation and anti-Semitism. Jews are fleeing Europe in numbers unseen since the Nazi era.

With just 4 million Muslims in the 66 million UK population, there are over 3,000 mosques, 130 Sharia courts, 50 Sharia councils, numerous "no-go" areas, approximately 70 percent of Muslims on free benefits/housing, and Muslim mayors in leading cities.

Europeans are losing their civilization, not because they are "Islamophobic," but, because of ignorance of Islam. They obediently accepted the "peaceful" depiction of Islam, presented to them by social and governmental elites, and are paying the price.

Hijrah is the takeover of a nation without going to war. Never before has our immigration policy threatened our current way of life, Republican form of government, and our moral base. It's sobering. Yet, our clergy, political leaders and media are guilty of promoting the same pleasant picture of Islam and immigration that has thrown Europe into chaos. We need to correct our course fast.

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