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Music Festival Featuring Adrian Brendel and Till Fellner

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Adrian Brendel developed a strong affection towards music while a student at Winchester College, Cambridge University.  At the college Frans Hermerson, one of his tutors at Cologne music Conservatoire, lectured him. Some of his contemporaries on master level include; Alban Berg quartet and Gyorgy Kurtag. He was also a member of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, one of the most prestigious young artist schemes from 2002. He is the brainchild of Music at Plush, musical season held yearly in summers in Southwest England.

Andrian Brendel is a showman with a crooning voice that is clear and elaborate. He is oriented towards classical attunement, always with a comprehensive edge of the composer’s intentions. Andrian Brendel has earned himself an icon of a cellist musical vanguard in our contemporary generation. He has been staging dramatic solo musical concerts all over the world. He is a good team collaborator who has worked with musical juggernauts like Imogen Cooper, Paul Lewis, and Till Fellner among others.

In this research finding, however, we are centered on Adrian Brendel and Till Fellner. Adrian father is known as Alfred Brendel an octogenarian musical Icon, they have also been timing up with his father to perform Beethoven’s music for cello and piano in huge gatherings worldwide with promising appeal from the public. With his dad they have recorded Philip’s and the translation of a colossal A major Sonata, which featured notably on the BBC channel among other explicit musical and radio channels.

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Their modest concert expositions have been centered in Amsterdam, Lucerene, Florence, Frankfurt, and Royal Scottish national Ochestra. He has gone beyond as far as recording for radio companies including BBC, ORF, and NDR, WDR all based in Europe.

Till Fellner

Till Fellner was born in Vienna in 1970 and he went to further studies with Meira Farkas, Oleg Maisenberg, Claus-Christian Schuster and Alfred Brendel the father to Andrian Brendel. Till Fellner musical career has seen him perform in most cherished orchestras, this include; the St Martin in the Fields, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Salzburg, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, among others.

He anchored his musical career on the international scenes when he won the first prize at the prestigious Clara Haskil International Competition in 1993. His chamber music constituted the Alban Berg Quartet, Lisa Batiashvili, Adrian Brendel, Mark Padmore and not forgetting heinrich Schiff.

Till Fellner has greatly moved around the world pocking in most incredible musical centers in continental Europe, America, Australia and Far east. He has also featured in crucial world festivals, just but to name a few;  Scubertiade Schwarzenberg the Mozart festival New York and this where they teamed up with Andrain Brandel where they aroused the crowd.

Felliner’s first performance was in 1995, he then featured mostly in New York with big time orchestras like the Chicago Symphony and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Felliner has shared the honor of Tobey Maguire a Spider-Man movie star, its true that he doesn’t parallel Maguire in terms of screen persona though his has been persistent in his music that is unfailingly earnest. It is evident that most of Fellner teachers have complimented his musical ingredients that are inclined towards premiership. Kent Nagano a conductor upholds the notion that Fellner’s music has a special kind of truth and natural character.

Brandel and Fellner

Mr. Brendel and Feller met in 1990 at Vienna Conservatory School where Fellner was studying. At this juncture Brendel had an opportunity to listen to Fellner and it sounded fantastic for his music was agreeable to him. They have been meeting occasionally to discuss on repertory and playing on two pianos.  Mr Fellner and Adrian Brendel have since been performing in many concerts and even in birthdays.

One summer they perfomed for Brendel senior, Adrian’s father in his 75th birthday. They performed ‘Lied’ during this occasion. Lied is dubbed from a British composer Harrison Birtwistle written as an honorary piece dedicated to the elderly Brandel. These duets have been complimenting each other and Brendel concur that Fellner is predominantly an intellectual player.

Recently, Till Fellner and Adrian Brandel have featured in musical season was scheduled 2006-07. They perfomed in myriad places which included Montreal, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York among others. In New York they staged a duo tour with Adrian Brandel. Tell Fellner has recorded myriad prolific CDs that have been selling explicitly, the first book of Bach’s ‘The well tempered Klavier’ was realesed in 2004. Because of Tinnitus complication, an ear sickness, he had to terminate a musical concert that was held in Mozart festival at Lincoln in 2005. He however undergone treatment and he performs even better that before.

Music mood

Andrian and Fellner constitute a very magnificent duo; poetic, ingenious, coherent, dynamic and well matched musical artists. In the event that Brendel’s intonation is not realistic, both that duet could refine the music within its boundaries. The Duet brings out explicit melodies that rhyme with the aura of passion; their stage is typically formal precisely, and more so when they hinge on the outer-movement rewind.

The guitar like paraphernalia is harmoniously employed in blending the melodies. Held between the knees and bowed it ushers a flowing and impish scenario. Lied’s piece of art comes out in a screaming tone that fill’s the room melancholically; the sound however is sepulchral, economic and spare, it portrays the oozing darkness. These variations were likened to the Chinese whispers.

The Lied piece progress in a mood that was symbolic, with course dichotomies and outrageous declamations, that depict somber atmosphere perhaps more to those connotations in funeral. The performances evolve in splendid demonstration where the duet depict and eludes from the mythic archetypes. Persons in search of heroism would definitely seize the opportunity to dub a few magnificent traces in the sonatas played by the duet. Something close to the heroic Beethoven, the heaven-storming romantic.

The music unfolds tentatively with hypnotizing tones that traverse across the rhythmic domains.

They brake into elementary eccentric point that disappears in thin air leaving a polite silence. The chronological presentation of the sonatas F sharp and the E minor and E flat was an indication of predominant musical ingenuity that exposed the duet’s musical wit, vigor, power and vitality






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