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In this report, I will be comparing the different use of motivational theories for different jobs within Alton Towers. I will also compare the different techniques that are used to motivate employees by considering the role they have at this organisation. In any organisation, there are many different employees that are motivated in many different ways. This is usually dependant upon their needs and wants of the organisation and what employees expect in return from the organisation they are working for.

At Alton Towers, they have many different types of employees e. g. sales people, human resource workers, finance staff and admin staff. The term 'motivation' is defined as being prepared to do something in a particular manner in which helps them strive towards their goals. Being motivated, means where one influences people to maintain them to work to best of their ability. Motivational theories are linked to employees depending on their status and needs. Employers encourage their working staff by diverting their attention to maybe a financial reward at the end if they produce a good standard of work.

Examples of financial rewards may be a pay rise or a bonus. A non-financial reward may be providing employees to having company discounts or promoting them to a higher status job. Comparison In this section, I am going to compare the different employees at Alton towers and see what motivates them according to their perspective job role. At Alton Towers, Abraham Maslow's theory suggested that the needs of employees were based on a set of needs that could be ranked into a hierarchy.

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The lower- ranked needs, such as the need for foods, water and shelter, were more basic. He outlined that basic needs have to be met first before employees can be motivated to work. This theory is also known as the theory of hierarchy of needs. Employees This theory can be linked to the management of Alton Towers. As Maslow's theory stated that the basic needs may be required before employees can be motivated to work, management are able to offer work to their employees to make sure that these basic needs are covered.

Also, the managers at Alton Towers ensure that their employees are paid above the national minimum wage so usually; the basic costs that will help motivate their staff will be efficient. As Maslow explained in his theory, employees are not motivated by being offered higher wages or financial rewards but are more concerned with the factors that are stated on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, such as psychological needs. This factor of motivation in Maslow's hierarchy suggests that psychological needs such as security, clothing and food will motivate employees if such factors were easy to do.

Alton Towers provide these opportunities by offering wages to employees so that they can finance themselves to get these factors in order to motivate themselves. Maslow also suggested that self-actualisations factors such as employees being able to maximise their potential and the chance of being promoted are available to them at Alton Towers. Although this is not directly linked to pay as employees being promoted at Alton Towers will not only receive a higher pay-rise, the employees are self-recognised as an important member of the team at Alton Towers.

This can be linked to Hertzberg theory as he suggested that delegating more power to employees can motivate them in working harder. Both Maslow's and Hertzberg are closely linked together as Maslow's lower factors on his chart are linked to Hertzberg's hygiene factors. If any of the factors are thought to be concerning towards employees at Alton Towers, they will be de-motivated to work and won't be as product-efficient for Alton Towers. Management Management at Alton Towers must ensure that they provide their employees with adequate pay as failing to do so may lead to employees to become de-motivated.

The management of Alton Towers must ensure safe working conditions as the employees may not be motivated to work even if they are offered a pay rise or a bonus. This is linked to Maslow's theory as he suggested on his chart that employees must be provided with security and protection in order for them to be motivated to work. At Alton Towers, employees are provided with safe working conditions as the organisation itself passes regulation like health and safety every year.

Employees at Alton Towers will want to ensure that their organisation provide them with job security. Employees who don't know whether they are going to be working with the organisation in a year's time or will be needed in a certain time-period can de-motivate them to work. Employees will feel more comfortable and eager to work knowing that employees are given assurances that their job is safe. This is linked to Hertzberg's theory as he suggested that if employees are given extra responsibility and is employees feel wanted, they will be motivated to work.

This can also be linked to Maslow as in hierarchy chart; safety was a factor in order for employees to be motivated to work. Alton Towers do this by offering contracts to their employees and make sure that employees know what kind of contract is being put forward for them. They are also offered above the national minimum wage so a decent salary is offered to them. As pay can be a motivator to some employees, as Taylor suggested, being offered higher wages and bonuses will keep employees happy.

In Taylor's theory, he suggested that employees are only motivated by pay and that employees do not care whether they are bossed around, this being in exchange for any financial benefit. Employees at Alton Towers are usually paid in bonuses when they work hard or whether they are promoted to a higher job role. They also receive free admission when they come to visit Alton Towers with their friends and family after they complete their probation period of 6 weeks. This can be linked to Mayo's theory as he suggested that social needs or a motivator and being offered like discounts and vouchers will also be a motivator.

Managers also receive high incentive products such as a company car in which Alton Towers provide and special discounts at hotels in Alton Towers. They also receive 25% off at Merlin attractions and at other various places. Managers also receive a free eye test so that whether employees need glasses to work in a proper manner, the cost of the glasses will be reduced on behalf of Alton Towers. All permanent employees at Alton Towers contribute to a life insurance scheme that allows them to be provided with a lump sum that is benefited towards beneficiaries. Human resource

Human resource workers at Alton Towers are linked to Douglas McGregor, his theory of motivation being that employees are examined through their behaviour when they are at work. This theory was based on 2 ways to manage employees, theory X and theory Y. Theory X is when employees are seen to be lazy and incompetent and the constant threat to be punished will be hanging over their heads. Theory Y is where employees see work as enjoyment and tend to work towards rewards such as bonuses and promotion. This is related to the reward system that Alton Towers provide if their employees do well with the organisation.

If the employees fail to complete work and are constantly avoiding their role at Alton Towers, this may lead to the management in processing the disciplinary procedures. Human resource employees receive the same beneficiaries as managers have at Alton Towers however, human resource workers receive a privilege card that allows them to have 25% off of all Whitbred Brands. They also receive corporate discounts on Thomas Cook, Vodafone and on HSA (health cash plan). HR employees can also be entitled to loyalty recognition if they are an employee at Alton Towers for 10 years.

At Alton Towers, the management will hope to have employees that are in Theory Y category. This is because they will see their employees that are naturally able to do their work well, employees that are aiming towards promotion and employees that enjoy responsibility and challenges that are set. At first glance, we may think that all employees at Alton Towers are motivated by money. This is can therefore be linked to Fredrick Taylor's theory that employees down the hierarchy are concerned more with their wages rather than their work.

Employees at Alton Towers such as cleaners is clearly linked to this theory as this job role is more concerned towards being offered higher wages than being offered a higher role at Alton Towers. This is because cleaners are very unlikely to be looking for a higher job role and are paid closer attention to as they are seen as workers that do not really enjoy their work. Their only motivation to work is a high pay rather than achieving goals at Alton Towers. This theory can be used by Alton towers that relate to their lower job status jobs they offer to their employees.

Maslow's theory can also be used to relate how much Alton Towers value their employees more than others. For example, a more experienced employee may be more valued than a new employee that is starting as a sales assistant at a retail store in Alton Towers. However, Alton Towers must ensure they appreciate all their employees to the extent in which the work they produce is to a high standard. Showing appreciation to the cleaners may motivate them to carry on working for the organisation by offering the praises for their work.

Alton Towers motivate their employees by not just offering them a financial benefit. They offer incentives such as a company car to some of their employees so that they can get to work more quickly and be more suitable for both Alton Towers and the employee. The employee will not have to pay for the vehicle and usually only pay a cut price for fuel in the car provided. Alton Towers can also benefit as their HR employees can come and go to work on time and avoid any hassle waiting for public transport.

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