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Metabolism Of Coral Reefs With The Formation Of Toxins

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Dynamite Fishing is not the best way of gathering fresh fish from the sea, this is commonly a problem for Filipino Fishermans because lack in knowledge in harvesting fish for markets and vendors. Money is the only reason why they’re doing this kind of method in fishing it also damages the natural habitat of marine life and also the health of consumers. Poor countries like the Philippines have this kind of problem since they don’t know anything only about fishing but, it is illegal to catch fish with explosives. They don’t have enough resources and equipment in catching fresh fish. They tend to do the easiest way of catching fish even though it is dangerous rather than using the safest and most efficient way. They’re doing this kind of fishing to have a plenty catch at one time and making good money at the same time.

The effect of this kind of method is not about having a good money but, also about the poisoning of the fishes and most of all the consumers who are interested and doesn’t have idea what kind of fishing method did they used to catch a certain fish. It also destroys the coral reef under the sea that is accumulated over a long period of time by soft-bodied marine animals. It can also poison marine animals because dynamites are made of sulfur and gunpowder which is bad for fishes and other living organisms under the sea. Another cause of dynamite fishing is that they don’t care much about the marine life that can be killed at any time. Because they only care about the money that they will get. It is a destructive way of fishing because of explosives. The effect of that is you can kill any type of marine creature by a single explosive including the endangered type of fishes.

It also affect the production of suppliers because you can even kill new born fishes which can help in reproducing more type of fishes. Pollution is the biggest impact of Dynamite Fishing or in other words Climate Change. The rapid rising of the sea temperature which is not good for marine life. It causes acidification resulting a huge mass bleaching of coral reefs. It is also considered that dynamite fishing is a way of heat stress from global warming and weather events like EL NIÑO cause of metabolism of coral reef to create toxins that starve coral colonies to death. If you want to have a bountiful way of fishing you must try different method of fishing not in a way of destroying other natural habitat and causing of global warming. There is a lot of way it catching fishes like making traps and making it as a hobby by the use of fishing rod.

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