Maxim’s Group Structure

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Divisional structure is an organization design made up of self-contained units or divisions. Positions are grouped into departments based on similar products, regions or customer groups. Hong Kong Maxim's Group has grown into the largest catering company in Hong Kong, while serving more than 540,000 people every day. Nowadays, Hong Kong has built up many store, each store need human’s development. The Group invests a lot of resources in the development of talent to support its rapid growth.

The Group also provides career incentives for potential employees such as promotions, role transfers, and new business management. Last but not the least, we prepare an “Individual Development Plan” for employees so that they can adapt to their new roles in a short time p. The food and beverage industry requires a people-oriented culture and focuses in recruiting strong human capital. Therefore, Maxim has set up comprehensive training and development programs for employees at varying levels. Through the programs, employees can develop their working skills as well as improve other aspects.

As the Job Category, staff can be divided as Front Line Catering Service, Catering Ambassador,Catering Manager. Maxim’s Group has a matrix structure. Matrix structure is comprised of specialists from functional departments who are assigned to work on one or more projects led by a project manager. Combines product departmentalization and functional departmentalization. Also, matrix structure is advantages of work specialization and has high accountability. Maxim’s Group is a combines leading by a project manager, there are many different department in a larger organization.

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Differ from department have work specialization, faultless inside preference structure and having a high accountability and corporate social responsibility. Actually, Maxim’s Group is a diversify structure. Maxim’s Group has many group businesses as Chinese cuisine, quick service restaurant. Maxim’s cakes, festive products etc. Maxim’s Strategic and Business Development Department is always on the lookout for new business opportunities, including franchises, strategic partnerships and mergers and acquisitions.

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