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Masanobu Hirasawa

Extensive experience in mortgage origination, warehousing, securitization, market-making and risk management industries.  Demonstrated success in developing new businesses, expanding client base, controlling costs and improving profitability.  Highly-skilled in a full spectrum of mortgage-backed functions, including sales/trading, risk management, investment analysis, client presentations, cash flow modeling and performance analysis.

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Bank management position supervising mortgage-backed properties division.


TOKYO STAR BANK, LTD., Tokyo, Japan                                                             Mar 2006-Present

General Manager, Business Strategy & Coordination

Began the first private mortgage conduit in Japan.  Created third-party origination (correspondent lending) and securitization platform during my first eight months.  Identified unique emerging market opportunities in Japan and founded program to provide specialized long-term financing support in the mortgage banking industry.  Developed and launched innovative business concept to address under-served niche market and integrated new model with existing franchise.

Created “Mortgage Banking & Conduit” in Corporate Finance Group and recruited professionals to underwrite, purchase and accumulate mortgage assets for re-packaging.

Developed and launched two new loan products on time, including prime ARMs & hybrid ARMs and prime piggyback seconds (onto the Japanese conforming loan, “Flat 35”), which have been well received in the primary market.

Established exceptional correspondent relationships with major mortgage lenders, such as SBI Mortgage, Toshiba Housing Loan, Mortgage Services of Japan, Family Life Service and Yuryo Housing Loan.  Successfully funded 2 billion yen in new loans in 10 months.

Directed the across-the-board project to create and implement a streamlined origination process.

Led the team to execute all documentations for acquisitions and resolved critical legal issues including Bank Agency Law.

Developed pricing methodologies, optimized profitability and controlled budget.

Oversaw underwriting guidelines and maintained the quality of acquired assets.

Led the project team to create loan databases, which enabled the Bank to readily off-balance its assets.

SHINSEI BANK, LTD., Tokyo, Japan                                                                    Feb 2002-Mar 2006

Manager, Capital Markets Division

Directed the team managing risks of the division’s conduit businesses, including mortgage loans and securitized loan portfolio.  Created and reported detailed P&L, including key items like positions, hedge mark-to-markets and funding costs.  Played a key role in acquiring residential mortgage loans from the secondary market and established a mortgage-banking platform such as SBI Mortgage, Shinsei Property Finance and Rakuten Mortgage.

Independently managed the division’s portfolio, worth over 1 trillion yen in market value, and hedged its interest rate and prepayment risks primarily using swaps, caps and swap options.

Instrumental in growing assets from 20 billion yen to over 1 trillion yen in 3 years.  Achieved 20% annual net increase in investment income during that time.

Developed a complete cash flow pricing model using INTEX and MIAC analytics to successfully acquire over 2 trillion yen of mortgage portfolios from regional banks.

Set up and implemented secondary marketing functions for five mortgage correspondents, which added 15 billion yen new originations to the mortgage conduit annually.

Created business plans, budgets and forecasting and made presentations to investment committees.

Successfully managed a team of three pricing and risk management professionals and oversaw numerous loan database projects.

MERRILL LYNCH JAPAN CO., LTD., Tokyo, Japan                                         Sep 2000-Aug 2001

Assistant Vice President, MBS/ABS Trading and Syndication

Trader and marketer of global securitized products for Japanese and Asia-Pacific investors.  Managed trading books by way of hedging trading positions and prepared a daily offering sheet with market comments and data.  Attended sales meetings on a regular basis and extensive client management.

Executed trades on U.S. pass-throughs, CMO and credit card and auto loan ABS with a volume in excess of $1 billion for the year 2000-2001.

NOMURA SECURITIES INTERNATIONAL, INC., New York, NY           July 1998-August 2000

Assistant Vice President, MBS Research

Research analyst for the U.S. residential MBS markets and assisted traders and sales force in assessing relative value, documenting trade strategies and generating investment ideas.  Regularly wrote commentaries on market events, prepayment speeds and housing indices.

HSBC SECURITIES, INC., New York, NY                                                            Jan 1998-Jun 1998

Associate, Mortgage-Backed Research

The firm closed down its mortgage business in 2/98.  Moved to Nomura Securities along with my supervisor.

BLACKROCK, INC., New York, NY                                                                     Dec 1996-Jan 1998

Analyst, Portfolio Administration

Liaised with accounting agents of the firm’s institutional clients, participated in reconciliation with custodians and monitored portfolio compliance with investment guidelines and regulatory parameters.  Worked as an intern between 12/96-4/97.



M.A., Statistics, 1996


B.A., Mathematics, 1994

Professional Licenses

NASD Series 7 & 63 and JASD Level 1 & 2

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